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Film Genre: Thriller Action Adventure
Budget: $ 80 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1996
Director: Rob Cohen
Operator: David Eggby
Somposer: Randy Edelmen
Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen, Dan Hedaya, Jay O. Sanders, Karen Young, Claire Bloom, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Renolit Santiago, Colin Fox
IMDB: 5.8

Action on the consequences of the catastrophe of the explosion in an underwater tunnel. At the time of the explosion just thundered along the enclosing walkways, a taxi driver Keith Latour is on vzezde in underground tunnels of New Jersey. A terrible accident has claimed the lives of hundreds of people. A huge fireball whirlwind swept over dozens trapped inside the machine, leaving alive only a small handful of the lucky ones. Latour will recall skills in the service of salvation, to help the victims out of the fire-breathing traps. Despite the cool response from critics, "Daylight" was a real box-office hit, grossed more than 160 million. Dollars. With help of this site you can download Daylight 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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