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Film Genre: Drama Comedy Fantasy
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Peter Luisi
Actors: Fabian Kruger, Irene Brugger, Bit Shletter, Florin Elena Deplazes, Kaspar Weiss, Zygi Terpoorten, Michael Gammentaler, Urs Uecker, Tees Moser, Max Ryudlinger
IMDB: 7.0

Absurd comedy about a man who begins to crumble from the sand. One morning, not too decent young man Benno finds sand in his bed. First, he decides not to pay attention to it. But the amount of sand every day increases, and Benno literally begins to feel that his time begins to run faster. He has no choice, he was forced to seek help from Sandra, which contains a small coffee shop right under his apartment. Despite the fact that Benno passionately hates her, he begins to dream about it every night. But they can do about Sandra and her dreams of sand, which becomes more and more. The film "The Sandman" - almost Kafkaesque story of a man who seemed to be yourself. Here you can download Der Sandmann Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Absurd comedy about love, the healing power of music and the sand as storehouse of metaphors. Made in Switzerland. Benno (Fabian Kruger) - most unpleasant young man bohemian appearance. He works in the philatelic shop and mercilessly deceiving inexperienced clients. He sleeps with a girl, to which by and large quite indifferent. But the other girl was a cafe owner Sandra (Irene Brugger), Benno regularly pesters derision and nagging. Acrimony and quarrelsomeness Benno already threaten to become unmanageable, when he was suddenly happens interesting mutation: from it begins to pour the sand. By many experiments and with the help of Sandra hated Benno finds that the sand pours only at certain times. In addition, anyone who breathes this strange substance, immediately falls asleep. In Benno begin serious problem, but the solution comes unexpectedly. From the sand, it turns out perfectly helps Beethoven. In the "Sandman" and its strange transformation has something and from Kafka, and from Hoffmann. This modern tragicomic tale, the hero of which is so empty and trivia that fate decides to fill it at least something, such as sand - until he can not change its contents. Falling in love with a wonderful girl and listen attentively to the wonderful music, blah blah blah. Sand - thing metaphorical, by definition, so it may seem that the picture is overloaded meanings and philosophizing. This is only partly true. This is not a melodrama and comedy in the conventional sense of the words, but the real absurdist play. Take it easy and humor helps the manner in which Kruger portrays his character: imagine a light version of Mr. Bean, speaking in German. In general, it seems that "The Sandman" for all its arthouse as if specially filmed to flatter the vanity of the general public and give her the opportunity to show themselves intellectually. Who has not heard of "Ode to Joy" and not remember even one tale that is associated with the sand?

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