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Film Genre: Comedy Animated Adventure Family
Country of Origin: US, South Korea
Year of Release: 2012
Actors: Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, Pamela Adlon, Melanie Griffith, Tara Strong, Stephen Baldwin, William Baldwin, Yuri Lowenthal, Jessica DiCicco, Melanie Abramoff
IMDB: 4.7

Cartoon "Dino Time" tells the story of the journey in the time of dinosaurs. Max, Ernie and his sister Julia were excessively curious children. They necessarily had to climb into a strange contraption that their hands did the father of Max. What surprise folks when the device is carried them directly into the socket of Tyrannosaurus rex. So friends realized that found themselves in the distant past, and the present invention has been nothing less than a time machine. So far, the children are lucky - my mother dinosaur took them not as enemies, but for their young. Yet for a long time to be in the Jurassic period unsafe. The boys decide to go home, despite the lost car part. With help of this site you can download Dino Time Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Adventure cartoon for children of primary school age. Characters of the film - their peers, restless addicted dinosaurs and ready for them to violate any bans adults. Once a time machine transports kids to millions of years ago, but even there they will meet the mother, who is going to take care of them. Little tomboy Ernie lives in a provincial American town, which is located in the valley of the dinosaurs - the largest cemetery in the world remains of prehistoric reptiles. Of course, the only boy and thinks about them, the more so because his father is a paleontologist on the dig. But my mother was less lucky kid - it's too much of his control and learn discipline. One of the responsibilities is to help Ernie mother in a small shop, but he prefers to rush through the town on a jet skateboard, which his father had made a friend of Max - a local inventor. The main problem for Ernie is a sister Julia, a sneak and a spy. One day, chasing his brother, once again escaped from his mother, Julia got into the garage where Ernie Max looked strange construction. During the scuffle occurred device suffered trinity millions of years ago, in the days of the dinosaurs. And, apparently, fortunately Ernie would be no limit, if I do not find being, decided to adopt him. And my mother-tirannozavrom argue somehow inconvenient ... It is communicating the US-South Korean co-production. Computer-plasticine heroes, toy conflicts, simple plot. Dinosaurs speak in human voices and their characters are not much different from people who live in this area in our time and referred to the Americans. The only solution is to move the original image of mother-of Tyrannosaurus rex. As a rule, the most popular Fossilized Raptor plays the role of an extremely dangerous predator, only aggressive and dangerous. In "Dino Time" tirannozavriha not just good and generous, it also protects all forest inhabitants from evil fossil crocodiles. In general, the film is suitable for a single view with young children, if you want to kill some time.

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