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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Detective
Budget: $ 10 million
Country of Origin: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Finland, France, Sweden
Year of Release: 2003
Director: Lars von Trier
Actors: Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Lauren Bacall, Harriet Andersson, Jean-Marc Barr, Blair Brown, James Caan, Patricia Clarkson, Jeremy Davies, Ben Gazzara
IMDB: 8.0

The action takes place in the 1930s. The young heroine, Grace tries to hide and escape from gangsters. It is somewhere in the rugged mountains of America, in a town called Dogville. In this city is a road, and then, but the mountains nothing. Dogville population consists of 15 adults and 7 children. They are not eager to help the poor girl, but her shelter agree, if it will work for them. Over time, the locals literally raining down on Grace unfulfilled requests, exposing himself as cruel villains. They have secrets, that they are afraid. But Grace is not so simple. The film is the first part of the trilogy "USA - Land of Opportunity", the second and third parts - "Mander" and "Washington". Here you can download Dogville Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Another film by Lars von Trier, after which a few days to recover, the second time is unlikely to look, but you recommend for viewing everything. We see a picture of a romantic almost the best place on earth: in the town of Dogville, where lives 15 adults and 7 children, people steadfastly overcome all hardships and even quite humorous about their lives below the poverty line. One evening (of course, but when else?) To them by the sound of gunfire wanders Nicole Kidman and asks for help. Citizens understandably hesitant to hide them nowhere grafted girl if her ride that turns gangsters, the police said. Yielding sermons Tom Edison Jr., who imagines himself from idleness writer, philosopher and part-a very talented man, the city takes Grace. Of course, for the low rent and a deposit for the last month. We must understand that no apartments "Renovated bathroom with a plitochki to-ceiling" Grace has not got, and then completely real estate rose in price, and live in Dogville for it is becoming more expensive. Lars von Trier - one who violates the rules, which set myself. First, he vowed to take only the trilogy. The first, "Europe", was filmed in the late '80s, the second "Golden Heart" refers to the second half of the 90s, "USA: Land of Opportunity" appeared in the early 2000s. From this sequence escaped only "Medea" and "The Five Obstructions". "Dogville" - the first part of the American trilogy, was her "Manderley", except that last part, "Vasington," you can not wait - work on the script to drive them into depression of von Trier. Secondly, Mr. von Trier no less solemn vow of chastity when he signed his "Dogma 95". Danish director with responsibility declared that "cinema has died, and cried unto the resurrection" and found 10 of the rules of the new movie, such as: no decorations, hand-held camera, the film is 35 mm, the name of the director must not appear in the credits. There are about a hundred films produced by "Dogma 95" - Lars himself did not remove any film that would satisfy all ten rules. Nevertheless, as set manifesto in "Dogville" virtually no scenery - marked with chalk home and gooseberry bushes, but first aid kit with bunk beds. At first, it seems that we have hinted - residents of homes have nothing to hide; then it becomes clear - people just do not care what's going on in their neighborhood. In the film, in accordance with the second paragraph of "Dogma", almost no music ("music can not be heard in the film, if it really does not sound in the scene being recorded"). Real music we hear only organ in the house of worship, which are afraid to use; still tense and very intense dialogues are without sound. But when the characters go on a reflection on their difficult lives, the viewer can enjoy the music of Vivaldi. Who does not like Vivaldi - please David Bowie with his jaunty Young American accompanies pictures of real people who lived during the Great Depression. Third, despite the fact that Lars von Trier is constantly talking about and takes the US, he had never been in this country. He justified fear of travel, but firmly convinced that even Kafka did not have to go to America, then to write about it. It is believed that "the United States: the land of opportunity" - directed by reaction to September 11, 2001, but his open contempt for the West has become a legend and to these unfortunate events. Heroes von Trier films outwardly decent people, within which lies the whole set of human vices. And about the evils. Undoubtedly, the inspiration for "Dogville" was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, where Grace plays the role of a righteous man, showing the Lord all the vices and baseness of these people. Cover research philosophy harsh criticism of the American regime - is very much in the spirit of von Trier. In "Dogville" director himself was also the director of photography; provisions for "Dogma 95" hand-held camera and numerous close-ups show us how strongly he feels deeply and actors, and their heroes. Actors, of course, did not stand: it is known that after the "Dogville" Nicole Kidman refused further removed from von Trier and Björk after "Dancer in the Dark" is still without hysterics remembers Dane. He himself, by the way, considers himself in a relationship with the actors are very nice. What does and what interested von Trier, the viewer perceives with difficulty; his films make you think, evaluate, justify and choose whose side you're on. Usually this means that the director is doomed to bear the cross of the author of experimental films and make films for "experts". However, at some point the movie was divided into von Trier's films and all the rest, and on the forums here and there appear comments: "Horrible movie! 10 out of 10 ". It is worth shooting.

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