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Film Genre: Drama Family
Budget: $ 37 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Charles Martin Smith
Screenwriter: Karen Janszen, Noam Dromi
Operator: Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Somposer: Mark Isham
Actors: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick ml., Nathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Causey Tsuelsdorff, Austin Stowell, Frances Sternhagen, Austin Higsmit, Betsy Landin
IMDB: 6.9

Young female dolphin got into a trap for crabs, heavily damaged the tail fin. She was rescued and taken to the "Klieruoter Marine Hospital," where she was named Winter. But there is a struggle for her life has just begun. Without caudal fin her chances of survival were minimal. Committed to their work a marine biologist needed all his experience, brilliant prosthetist - all his talent, and a little boy - his entire determination to miracle - a miracle that might not only save Winter but also help a lot of people around the world. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Dolphin Tale in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Dolphin Arctoides learn how to swim and contrary to nature, contrary to common sense and in general - all deaths of luck. Besides more - in 3D. "Dolphin Tale," directed by Charles Martin Smith - is in fact a very real story, filmed with the direct participation of its real heroes. Chief among them - delfiniha Winter, in an accident lost her tail fin, but learn to swim with the help of the prosthesis. This is a unique case, and formed the basis for the plot. For the "cinematic" and "family" were added to children's characters - a vicious boy, making friends with a dolphin disabled and cheerful girl - for the sake of gender balance. Plus colorful Morgan Freeman, who played with the brilliant craziness prosthetist, attach a fish tail. The film is devoid of originality and obvious artistic merit. But he's cute, kind, with the correct ethical and promise about a dolphin. Poor animal who has suffered from a trap for crabs and condemned to death, let the difficult passes from sadness and depression to the thirst for life and will to win. And his positive example should inspire people with disabilities and to inspire them to Dolphin optimism. During the tailless Winter demonstrates a remarkable intellect and circus dexterity. For greater clarity, mutilated, but do not pass the dolphin is compared with the victims in military service a young man once - the promising swimmer. It is clear that pathetic little man only does that selfish suffering, while intellectually advanced mammal moves forward prosthetic case. As a family movie of course the market is pretty sweet, touching - though infinitely naive - a film about a dolphin doomed to the attention of his audience, and the audience is bound to it.

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