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The End Is Nigh.

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Film Genre: Action Science Fiction
Budget: $ 30 million
Country of Origin: USA, Germany, UK, South Africa
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Neil Marshall
Operator: Sam MakKёrdi
Somposer: Tyler Bates
Actors: Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Caryn Peterson, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Maiani Buring, David O'Hara, Adrian Lester
IMDB: 6.0

Mysterious virus called "The Reaper" in spring 2008 covers the whole of Scotland. It was decided to completely isolate the entire region of the country, and the infected population is doomed to a painful death. But, despite the measures taken in the distant 2035 virus appears again, this time in a busy London. The UK government has no choice but to use the last chance - extinct in Scotland British reconnaissance satellite spotted signs of human presence, and therefore in the quarantine zone was probably found a vaccine against the virus. In order to know whether this is a laboratory in the center of Glasgow was sent a detachment of special purpose DDS led by Major Eden Sinclair. Here you can download Doomsday Full Free HD Movie.

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