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The rumor-filled totally FALSE account of how I ruined my flawless reputation.

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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy
Budget: $ 8,000,000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Will Gluck
Operator: Michael Grady
Somposer: Brad Segal
Actors: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley, Dan Byrd, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm McDowell
IMDB: 7.2

Olive girl in school, where there is puritanical mores. Once she lied to her friend that has already lost her virginity. Conversation overheard their counterparts - and the school rumors ... In the end, a modest Olive immediately becomes popular, and then deals with contempt of society, thanks to his sense of humor and a sober view of things. Here you can download Easy A in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

American schoolgirl Olive Pendergast (Emma Stone) is smart, slim and pretty. But that's just it, no one pays attention. In fact, it is not a gray mouse, and a girl with a good sense of humor and a visionary, but the guys prefer to be friends with cherlidershami. Silly misunderstanding on the school started a rumor that Olivia lost innocence. News shatters with incredible speed, and it immediately started talking. It gained popularity and attention is now directed at her, but on the other hand, her reputation tarnished, and it is considered wicked. Rumors she can not deny, as they disbanded Marianne, daughter of a pastor and an active religious propaganda in school. Since opinion classmates Olive is not very interested, she decides not to refute rumors and beginning to fit his new role. For a small fee Olive began to help young people with complexes. So she helped gay to pretend that he'm allegedly spent an evening with him, and after hearing that slept with her fat, the boy poured a bunch of girls. Just at this moment in literature classes class Olive studying Nathaniel Hawthorne novel "The Scarlet Letter". At some point, the girl begins to identify with the main character of the novel, which was rejected by the society for adultery. Will Gluck in fact largely relied on the "Scarlet Letter", but did not make the adaptation, could not stand the heroes of the book in the modern world, and just decided to figure out how to now refer to promiscuity, it is thought that adolescents and whether there is in the XXI century Puritanism. Of course, all of this he started not serious, since it's a comedy, we note with a very good sense of humor. Movie with such a delicate story filmed without vulgarity and sex scenes that raises a step up comedy "American Pie" and "Superbad."

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