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Some dreams are worth the fight.

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Film Genre: Drama Action Sport
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Dito Montiel
Screenwriter: Robert Munichi Language, Dito Montiel
Actors: Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard, Luis Guzmán, Zulay Henan, Michael Rivera, Flaco Navajo, Peter Anthony Tambakis, Anthony DeSando, Roger Smith Guenvёr
IMDB: 5.5

The young guy (Channing Tatum) arrives in the hope of a better life in New York. Any savings he does not, and the young man barely making ends meet, picking up any job. But once he is lucky - he meets a crook named Harvey Borden. Harvey just looking for a new member for street fighting, where you can earn good money. Hero Tatum is a talented guy, literally overnight becoming a star. But this status is difficult to keep, because there is also a lot of wishing to challenge the successful newcomer. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Fighting 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Homeless people in New York, a native of Alabama and a former member of the National College of anti Shawn (Channing Tatum), in the upper grades is clearly hard to consume proteins, trying to make for dinner, pushing the left "Harry Potter" at Rockefeller Center. At novice businessman quickly vultures swoop - his first chmorit and bred aggressive adolescents Latinos, then takes a turn forever gundosyaschy sentimental rogue bookmaker (Terrence Howard), and already the next evening Shawn debuts on underground MMA arena. In the opening bout of the provincial long flint receives kidney from Russian in "Adidas" and then skillfully cut down the enemy using porcelain sink. Judging by the "fight without rules", the force is definitely in his fists, and the fight is unreasonably low and even somehow reluctantly. Directed by Montiel clearly more interested in texture - cast tattooed muscles, beautiful Puerto Ricans and gold fixes. Dreams can come true, if you hard as a frozen bitumen (or Tatum), and ready to sleep on a bench and push-ups - in a subway car. The kid was going to success - and fartanulo. Anxiety about the fate of the hero overcomes us only once - when the viscous mass through the clichés of this movie are glued (for one minute here, there, and remember the "Midnight Cowboy" and "Rocky", but most of all the same "Step Up "with the same Tatum), suddenly breaks" Yes, I am not afraid of this city. Here all the weak. " Needless to say that the final credits will catch Sean traveling to sunny California. "That's where all the power." Well, well.

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