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Film Genre: Thriller Horror
Country of Origin: Canada
Year of Release: 2007
Director: Jonathan Duek
Actors: James Van Der Beek, Darrin Lucio, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Jeff Roop, Melanie Merdi Adam McDonald, Julia Schneider, Brandy Alexander, Kyle MacDonald, Kerry Michael Sahena
IMDB: 4.0

The protagonist of the thriller "The last draft" - writer Paul Twist (James Van Der Beek). Once he gets a good offer - a contract from a major film company to write the script for a horror movie. However, conditions are quite strict: the text should be ready in three weeks. And in the last few years Paul wrote nothing - he a creative crisis. However, the offer is so tempting that the writer decides to go for broke and in whatever was to write the script. In addition, the character of the future film has long been coined - a creepy clown maniac, the largest children's fear of the floor. Here you can download Final Draft in HD free full Movie.

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