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Film Genre: Drama Action Adventure
Budget: 10 million €
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Stefan Ribozhad
Operator: David Jankowski
Somposer: Xavier Berthelot
Actors: Diane Kruger, Djimon Hounsou, Benoit Magimel, Denis Menochet, Rafael Personas, Figlazh Alain, Alain Alivon, Mehdi Nebbi, once Degan, Checks Karyo
IMDB: 6.3

A journalist from France (Diane Kruger) conducted in Afghanistan investigative journalism and was kidnapped by the Taliban. Time is not in favor of the prisoner. The government of his native country lingers with the negotiations. Ransom refused to give, and now diversionary landing party sent to perform a dangerous mission to save the life of the kidnapped journalist. The kidnappers Elsa placed on the Internet brutal video countdown to her execution. After manage to track their location, six men elite unit rush to her aid. Quite easily they get to the lawless lands across the border in Pakistan ... But if they can get out of here alive? After all, in the struggle for human life and offer blood hunt. Here you can download Forces spéciales in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

French decided to prove that their cinematic special forces - no worse than the US. Therefore, come up and removed, at first glance, a win-win in terms of the drama that action, story: six brave warriors save a beautiful journalist from Taliban captivity. Elsa (Diane Kruger), accredited in Kabul correspondent for a major French newspaper, unearths the most usual for those places the story - some girl many years ago, sold into slavery for the sins of her family. Bought the girl a family Zaeef (Once Degan), a man whom Elsa knows a lot of bad (which it is - really is not reported). After the interview, during which the girl grew up, again, nothing interesting reports Elsa kidnap people of Zaeef. And the very next day the journalist sent the best of the best - Six beautifully trained military, led by Captain Kovacs (Djimon Hounsou). It's amazing people. And their misadventures on the Afghan-Pakistan border is certainly worthy of the name of this embodiment. With the installation made nail scissors. With minor characters, like severe men awarded the explanatory inscription "ISI" appearing on the screen for one minute and then disappears without a trace. With severe Talib Zaeef, who studied for seven years in Cambridge, in English says no better than their half-savage people. And at first sight so falls for a beautiful blonde-journalist, he was ready to bicker about it with the mullahs and climb into the mountains himself. French squad as professional fighters learned looks, of course, much better. These people can go on foot of the Hindu Kush - without food and special equipment. When the open countryside need to shoot at the enemy, superior in numbers of ten times, they specifically get up to his full height. They are ready to return to the village in order to protect its hospitable people from the Taliban, and easy to throw his same sniper to certain death. At the same time they lose a walkie-talkie, and on the other cause the helicopter afraid. With screenwriter they do not catastrophically lucky: in spite the Americans with their happy endami and a 90 percent survival French author mows his countrymen downright oblique. For drama at the same time meet snowstorm in the mountains, frostbitten feet and indispensable "We are not abandoning their" but for Action - regular signatures over: "Day One", "fifth day", "the tenth day" and flights of various units of the French Air Force taken with great love. In general, the French military are very beautiful, courageous, and no worse than the US. Just at this time they were not lucky.

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