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America Was Born In The Streets.

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Film Genre: Drama Historical Crime
Budget: $ 100 million
Country of Origin: USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2002
Director: Martin Scorsese
Screenwriter: Jay Cocks, Steven Zellian, Kenneth Lonergan
Operator: Michael Ballhaus
Somposer: Howard Shore
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jim Broadbent, John C. Reilly, Henry Thomas, Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, Gary Lewis, Stephen Graham
IMDB: 7.5

In New York City, which is only starting to become a city of dreams, all issues are resolved by force. In one of the clashes between gangs of indigenous "Americans" and immigrant Irishmen at the hands of Bill the Butcher killed the leader of the Irish Vallon. His son, Amsterdam harbors dreams of revenge, to get even with the killer of his father in the future. After 16 years, the young man returns to the streets of New York and is rubbed into the confidence of the killer, but his cold-blooded revenge falls, and now the only chance to win - an open fight. Here you can download Gangs of New York Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Survival of the fittest - the weakest die! But others are looking at this fight for power and penetrate the consciousness of greatness because they live on this earth. Of course, this film could be called in a different way: "Business. First Steps "," L. DiCaprio - indefatigable avenger. " It turns out that only a century and a half ago on the streets of universal dreams - New York lived ordinary, not burdened with more than intellect and culture of the people to decide the question easily control the territory and, as they say in the Russian business environment - the roof. A Fistful of Dollars, caught in the wrong pocket, could easily dunk, and later became the legendary American police preferred to screen these battles do not get involved. Well, about the corruption of the then police, as well as their lack of political correctness, we can not even mention it. The plot is simple enough, and, in fact, is a historic gangster drama, carefully created, including in the real material of cacophonous past. So, on the Ring story raises two gangs (wasting words - gang): Irish settlers, led by "priests" Wallon (Liam Neeson) and "indigenous" Americans, led by William Cutting aka Billy the Butcher (Daniel Day-Lewis) . Vallon killed in front of his son Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio). Fatherless enters the shelter and wants to avenge his father (by the way, who was killed in a fair fight Butcher), and therefore, as adults, Amsterdam goes to the very butcher, take it as native. Sam-Butcher has legalized zadruzhilis with local politicians, and now Amsterdam with his revenge. The first time would-be avenger did not work, although he honestly tried. Given the more necessary for mass turnout of spectators love story. And is forgotten in the warring business? From lawlessness and the crowd of men with dubem (more precisely - bits) and other weighty arguments was born that same America, which were taken great crime saga. In the picture a lot of great scenes, but without blood and other "tin" has not done. But the real story is not possible without seasoning evil, for normal characters, sooner or later are not going to bypass, and in battle, fight, disassembly. Sometimes, later called the feat ...

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