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Film Genre: Drama
Budget: $ 33 million
Country of Origin: USA, Germany
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Clint Eastwood
Screenwriter: Nick Schenk, Dave Johnson
Actors: Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Christopher Carley, Eni Hi, Brian Haley, Geraldine Hughes, Dreama Walker, Brian Howe, John Carroll Lynch, Bill Hill
IMDB: 8.2

The old man Walt Kowalski - a veteran of the Korean War - living in deprived suburbs of Detroit, where there are almost no white Americans. After his wife's death he remains nobody wants, even his own sons. His only joy - the car Ford Gran Torino 1972, assembled including hands Walt Kowalski, who worked at the plant "Ford" life. But the car has eyes of a local gang of immigrants from Southeast Asia. Here you can download Gran Torino 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Inflexible Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski, who had just buried his wife, was to live out the days alone in the house under the American flag. That war was over half a century ago, but Walt surrounded neighbors immigrants continues to stubbornly defend his piece of land, armed with that murderous grimace, the lawn mower, and even a rifle. He spends time talking to the dog, drinking beer and occasionally polishing Gran Torino, personally collected them at the time work on the Ford plants. One day a neighbor boy Tao at the instigation of senior fellow bandits taking an unsuccessful attempt to steal svezheotpolirovanny car - and this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I've now write nonsense, but once upon a time in my childhood phrase "Clint Eastwood" was just as fantastic and at the same time a household concept as Santa Claus or, say, Robin Hood. That is, it was not clear vsamdelishny he or fictional, but definitely positive and heroic figure, the embodiment of justice and general coolness and a good example to follow. Time will put everything in its place, Santa Claus has melted, wash together with Captain Nemo Captain Blood, and Clint Eastwood was a real and managed from piercing blue-screen cowboy grow into intelligent and extraordinary director. "Gran Torino" - this is perhaps the best film of Eastwood. Simple and affordable, without any special effects, except, perhaps, inimitable grimaces, merciless battle and political incorrectness, semidesyativosmiletny people talking about life and death, honor and honesty, courage, friendship and humanity. Funny set of concepts for our day, yes. And most of all, make the bulk of the audience at best condescending smile. But there is hope that this whole speech, enhanced expressive istvudovskim squint at the half of the screen, quietly penetrate deep into the subconscious and gradually there will be accepted to conduct destructive-creative work.

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