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Film Genre: Horror
Country of Origin: USA, Canada
Year of Release: 2012
Director: John Polikuin
Actors: Shawn C. Phillips, Dzhennika Fulton, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Charlie Kerr, Francisco Passuelo Andrew Ampflett, J. Jones, Mike Holtz, Calvin Valantus, Zack Lorkevich
IMDB: 5.1

Continued horror "Grave Encounters". An aspiring filmmaker Alex watching a horror movie "Grave Encounters", and then it in the mail from an unknown sender comes to video, shot in the style of the film. Alex tries to find the authors of the film, but since it is not possible, the guy decides to start his own investigation, suspecting that "Grave Encounters" - a documentary film. To finally see this, Alex and his friends sneaking into an abandoned mental hospital where the ill-fated film was shot. With help of this site you can download Grave Encounters 2 in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

The creators of the first stories about the nuthouse continue to convince us that all this really happened. In the first part of a professional crew did a report about a mental hospital with ghosts. As you know, there were ghosts, and the group, on the contrary, slightly lost. In the second part of a very sharp critic and a very bad director Alex (Richard Harmon) wants to continue the theme. He believes that everything that happened in "Grave Encounters" really happened. He finds the place where the first shootings took place, and collects his brigade. Armed with walkie-talkies, navigators, microphones and multiple cameras, budding filmmakers get into an abandoned building and start shooting. In fact, this is not so fast: for more than 30 minutes, you will admire a dozen drunken rye, closeup cuts in blouses and other attributes of gay youth party. And to participate in tedious preliminary investigation. Why so actively spend their and other people's time on boring alleged documentary video, it becomes clear only at the end. The second part of "Grave Encounters" explains what happened in the damn hospital, giving the building the mind, will, and even some humorous (very specific). To do this, saved the lives of one of the main characters of the past, it launched into a new team, yet inquisitive old. But the fact that the explanation and its related events (which are by no means tally with the documentary genre) took on the force for ten minutes. Yes, the solution is more or less original, with the murder scene with a camera more or less impressive, and the finale is full evil black irony. But there is clearly more to talk about, and the film is claimed as a feature. And start a meticulous survey usual drunken stupor, painstaking installation of cameras in the hallways and other supposedly full of meaning and discharge horror, but in fact - the usual schoolboy inept stretch of time. And the moment of occurrence inevitable ghostly girl with black mouth razzyavlennym you risk missing because too razinete mouth - heartbreaking, heart-rending, inhuman yawning.

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