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Film Genre: Comedy Adventure Fantasy
Budget: $ 112 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Rob Letterman
Screenwriter: Joe Stillman, Nicholas Stoller, Jonathan Swift
Operator: David Tattersall
Somposer: Henry Jackman
Actors: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, TJ Miller, James Corden, Catherine Tate, Emmanuel Cuatro
IMDB: 4.9

Editorial staff of Lemuel Gulliver in love with Darcy employee, but does not dare to confess her feelings. During another conversation, he shows off in front of a girl that loves to travel and to share what they saw in their articles. Then Darcy offers Gulliver go to the Bermuda Triangle to dispel the myths about it. Unable to deny his beloved, a young man goes to one of the most mysterious places on the planet. But the destination Gulliver never gets: hitting the waterspout, the hero wakes up on uncharted ground, which is ruled by little men. Being among them giant Gulliver quickly finds respect and popularity. "Gulliver's Travels" - a modern adaptation of the book by Jonathan Swift with Jack Black in the title role. With help of this site you can download Gulliver's Travels in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Biggest loser Lemuel Gulliver (Jack Black) works peddler mail and secretly dreams of a beautiful girl Darcy (Amanda Peet). He does not carry anything - neither in work nor in his personal life. But he did not specifically seeks to change until a young colleague says that he can easily invite a girl out on a date. Invite a date not work, but Gulliver naplel Darcy with three boxes, he just ace in writing texts about travel. For which he received a mission to the Bermuda Triangle. Do not believe in anything supernatural in this world, Gulliver finds himself in a huge whirlpool, and when it comes to, is trapped very little people living in the greatest country in the world of Lilliput. At first, the relationship among the Lilliputians and the Beast is not specified, but the King of Lilliput Gulliver saves and becomes a national hero. Modern exposition "Gulliver's Travels" Swift successfully transferred to our time. Appropriate on the screen appeared and IPhone, and billboards in Victorian Lilliput. Jack Black plays the average young man who kills his time playing Guitar Hero and dreams that happiness itself will fall on his head somehow. Once in the world of Lilliput, he is allowed everything he successfully uses - says the young residents of the great country that it is the President of Awesome in the country "Island of Manhattan," and that its vice president of Master Yoda. But despite the lies, Gulliver yet to discover a hidden courage and bravery, kindness and generosity. "Gulliver's Travels" does not remember anything remarkable, no cast, no funny jokes. We must pay tribute to the writers - jokes below the belt in the movie was not much, except a few confused naked fifth point of Jack Black. Emily Blunt, who played Princess of Lilliput, brightened this insipid movie. And the rest of the movie was an ordinary American comedy that unless she was in good rolling time - long vacation, you can afford to turn off your mind and spend half an hour to view is no binding comedy.

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