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Film Genre: Thriller Action
Budget: $ 18 000 000
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1993
Director: John Woo
Actors: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lance Henriksen, Yancy Butler, Arnold Vosloo, Robert Apis, Chuck Pfarrer, Douglas Forsythe Rye, Mike Leinert, Lenore Banks, Willie C. Carpenter
IMDB: 6.0


The main heroine of the film - Natasha - arrives in New Orleans in order to find his father - a former Vietnam veteran. To do this, she asks for help from a retired Marine Corps intelligence officer who is now unemployed sailor Chance Boudreaux. Together they learn that the father was a poor vagabond and was the victim of a local gang, which organizes the so-called safari for the rich, where the game using live homeless people. Bandits absolutely do not need to have their work was published, so they begin to hunt for the main characters. One villains have not considered - Boudreau for them - too hard to target! With PsiMovie.Com you can download Hard Target Full Free HD Movie.

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