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Film Genre: Comedy Anime Adventure Family
Country of Origin: Germany, Ireland, Iceland
Year of Release: 2011
Actors: Justin Gregg, Nicolas Kohlan, Liz Lloyd, Alan Stanford, Emmett Scanlan, John. Drew Lucas, Mary Murray, Lesa Thurman, Gary Hetzler, Paul Tylak
IMDB: 5.1

The young blacksmith Thor lives with his mother in a peaceful village. He never knew his father, but local firmly believe that the young man - the son of the king of the gods Odin. They believe in the fact that for this very reason no one ever violate their idyllic existence. But there it was: once at the village attacked army of giants, and the inhabitants of the village are at the mercy of the queen of the underworld Hal. Thor narrowly escapes this fate, and now the fate of all his friends up to him and his colleague, saying Hammer, who declared himself a magic weapon. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Hetjur Valhallar - Þór Free Full Movie in HD.

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