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She only dated men with money ... until she met a man with a heart

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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy
Country of Origin: France
Year of Release: 2006
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Screenwriter: Benoît Graffin, Pierre Salvadori, Frank Boshar
IMDB: 7.1

Irene takes an ordinary employee of the hotel for a billionaire. Realizing that was wrong, she immediately leaves him. But Jean had time to fall in love, and so now she just does not get rid of it. To earn money, Jean becomes a very rich accompanying an elderly lady. Furthermore, it increases its status and now increasingly young people in the society could be Irene. She, meanwhile, every day is bound to him more and more ... With PsiMovie.Com you can download Hors de prix 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Besides poverty Jean (Gad Elmaleh) is another huge negative in the eyes of Irene (Audrey Tautou) - he is in love with her. And she made a stupid: taking him for a millionaire slept with him. And - twice. By law, the genre, was caught and secured older lover (Vernon Dobcheff). And brooches. And then it was revealed that her young beau no no millionaire, of bringing yourself cigars from Cuba on a private jet, and the only hotel room service. In Love follows beauty, and she shows him the effect that he was simply unable to provide her every whim. Busted at the Jean picks up an elderly lord (Marie-Christine Adam), ready to pay well for this boy. It turns out that luxury apartments are newly gigolo in the neighborhood of those in which Irene spins another "daddy" (Jacques Spisser). The girl decides to help Jean, tells him all sorts of tricks that help draw more of the sponsors of the amount. Gentle Amelie rose in the she-wolf that comes to social events like hunting. Attractive young woman communicating with her second long are converted to euros. As she tells her ward Jean - rich pay for the youth and charm. But the charm - it's more than beauty, he could not resist. The disciple is very capable, even more so - there is nothing that makes the man, as a new good clothes. At some point, Irene begins to feel that her heart tingle thin needles of jealousy. This means that heartless girl, chasing only for tight wallets, something that can catch. Audrey and Gad so get used to their roles, it is difficult to imagine that the actors played something else, and even the fact that in this film they play. One gets the impression that the couple actually lives with the relationship, and this, coupled with light humor, gives a stunning presence. Of course, in the end there will be a happy ending. But from the height of the real life he let looks nice and romantic, but far-fetched. How far will leave lovers who dropped their landlords, and all that was acquired by overwork? One euro in your pocket - to pay the fare. Maybe it's love to the first refueling? But is it important when heroes are so young and in love. Whatever you say - the French best able to talk about feelings. And also to show them.

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