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Kick Some Past

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Film Genre: Comedy Adventure Science Fiction
Budget: $ 36 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2010
Director: Steve Pink
Screenwriter: Josh Heald, Sean Anders, John Morris
Operator: Jack N. Green
Somposer: Christophe Beck
Actors: John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Sebastian Stan, Lyndsy Fonseca, Crispin Glover, Chevy Chase, Charlie McDermott, Lizzy Caplan
IMDB: 6.5

Adam, a middle aged man, has not the best time in my life and have not yet recovered from a failed suicide attempt. Somehow to stir it, my friends call a hero to the ski resort where they abruptly broke away almost 24 years ago. Together with three friends on vacation goes disorderly nephew Adam. Heroes hoping to replicate the best weekend of my life, but everything is different. Old hot tub, which are immersed in a shortstop, works as a time machine and brings men into good old 80s. Once in the past, they would have to repeat what they had once done, whether it be a terrible betrayal of his wife or a national disgrace. Here you can download Hot Tub Time Machine Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Three life long friends there was not very good. Nick (Robinson) in the 80's was a popular performer, and now stout and works in a clinic for pets. Lou (Kordri) often breaks to commit suicide because of problems with alcohol. Adam (Cusack) got the best of his comrades, but he just threw a girlfriend. Friends who have had a very stormy youth decide to recall old times and spend a weekend together at a ski resort, taking with him his nephew Adam. The hotel, which have been the most memorable weekend in their lives, is in complete ruins. Finding a dead cat in a room, they do not leave the apartment and go swimming in the whirlpool, which proved a time machine. And they found themselves in 1986, where the girls go in tight multi-colored tights, and on television singing Michael Jackson still black. Heroes see themselves reflected in the young and fit and peck at them again women. What a strange man, the head of the wonderful jacuzzi, said that in the past you can not change anything. But the temptation to change his life was too great. "Time Machine" - a movie with greasy jokes where screwy guys protrude into arguments about women's and men's friendship. However, the jokes, and the plot fairly outdated. Flat humor seemed designed not for men who are about forty, and adolescent puberty. The most "funny" jokes related to Russian. Vacationers who found in things friends iPhone and Energy, taking them for Russian spies and think that "Red Bull" - a bomb called "Chernobyl". A black man, fleeing from the attacks, and says, "Yes, we are - Russian, and now all blow up." Good time movie, which refers to the 80 th, is that the role of men is following jacuzzi, played Chevy Chase, known comedian, who also loved heroes pohohmit.

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