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Film Genre: Drama Thriller Horror
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Brett Simmons
Operator: Marco Farnoli
Actors: Devon Graye, Wes Chatham, CJ Thomason, Tammin Sursok, Ben Easter, Josh Skipworth, Nick Toussaint, Michael Cornelison, Aaron Harpold, Candice Rose
IMDB: 5.1

Five friends - Scott, Chris, Johnny, Brian and his girlfriend Nathalie travel together to spend a weekend at the lake. Driving along the road in a cornfield in the windshield of their car suddenly cuts crow, and the guys get into an accident. Crossing the field in search of help, they discover an old farm. Young people think they have found refuge, but instead find themselves embroiled in a spooky supernatural ritual. With help of this site you can download Husk Free Full Movie in HD.

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