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Film Genre: Drama Musical Adventure Fantasy
Budget: $ 4,275,000
Country of Origin: Canada, Finland
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Stobe Harju
Screenwriter: Stobe Harju, Mikko Rotalati, Richard Jackson
Actors: Marianne Farley, Quinn Lord, Francis H. McCarthy, Ilkka Villi, Joanna Noyes, Cheianu Fielding, Stephanie Demers, Ron Lea, Helen Robitaille, Tuomas Holopainen
IMDB: 6.2

Elderly composer Tom Whitman suffers from severe dementia. He remembers almost nothing of his adult life - or musical works, no friends, not even his daughter. His memory stopped at the age of 10, so in his mind, Tom is in a completely different world. But in reality, his daughter trying to make contact with his father, despite assurances by doctors that the hope of recovery every day less. Musical accompaniment of the film "The Imaginarium" - compositions from the seventh studio album of the Finnish band Nightwish. Here you can download Imaginaerum Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Nightwish took part in the filming of a ninety minute clip, which is why a show all in a row, not only fans of the group. Indeed, it is difficult to understand for someone to remove the "Imaginarium". Children frightened, and it will not be the sweet horror of exciting adventure or mystery twists and turns of the plot. Man slightly older snowman ghoul and macabre circus dancing rather cheer, but a picture can hardly be called a comedy. Its hero Tom Whiteman (Frances McCarthy) in his old age finally fell into childhood and before the death of a journey - whether a meeting with himself, or, conversely, to present himself away. The daughter of Tom Jam (Marianne Farley) is extremely irritated by these psychedelic movement, because it considers them an escape from reality, conscious and long evasion of parental responsibilities. As a result, it turns out that you need to be reconciled to Him with a bunch of people, including those who died and imaginary characters, and to restore the relationship with Jem. That, without regaining consciousness, is very difficult. Naturally, the music "Imaginarium" will focus, but please it's probably just the fans. The immediacy with which voiced everything that happens, simply amazing. Hero anxious - and the music is disturbing; it will be happily - poveseleet and sound. In the very same terrible moments on the stage of the participants appear Nightwish and finally turns into a gloomy picture of the musical farce. Visually, the same night mournful nightmare remarkable except that several esthetic frame shown in a slow motion that have time to remember everything jokes about Finnish quickness. Would put "Imaginarium" in five minutes and twist on the music channel - the fans would appreciate, and other public save on tickets.

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