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Download Jack and Jill Full movie torrent

His twin sister is coming for the holidays ... ... and it is not pretty.

Download Jack and Jill hd movie

Film Genre: Comedy
Budget: $ 79 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Dennis Dugan
Screenwriter: Steve Koren, Adam Sandler, Ben Zook
Operator: Dean Candy
Somposer: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Actors: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, Elodie Tune, Rohan Chand, Eugenio Derbez, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Tim Meadows, Allen Covert
IMDB: 3.5

To the father of the family Jack Thanksgiving comes his twin sister Jill. But the holidays were over, and grateful sister is not in a hurry to go home. She seriously thinks that her presence in the house of his brother quite appropriate, and its immediacy and clumsiness gradually turns his life and that of his wife in a real hell. With help of this site you can download Jack and Jill 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Standard Hollywood comedy from Adam Sandler about ass, tits and the sanctity of family values, skrashennaya Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. To advertisers Jack (Sandler) comes to visit his twin sister Jill (Sandler), noisy, hysterical and foolish person. Jack was not thrilled, but decides to suffer a few days. Jill, despite the constant insults and attacks, in contrast, is very happy and decides to stay a little longer, especially children Jack and his wife (Katie Holmes) like a strange aunt for a cheerful disposition and abnormal behavior. Jack, not knowing where to go from annoying sister, takes her to a basketball game where they meet in person Pacino for a couple with Depp. Al Pacino, Jack desperately needed - it should play in the advertising campaign donuts. The unbelievable happens - and not wanting to hear about the donuts, Pacino at first sight falls in love with Jill and begins to pursue her playfulness with a maniac. Jack tries to exploit the situation and yet persuade Oscar winner of the required shot. With Al Pacino linked not just the best moments of the picture, but also the funniest episodes, although the plot of his character not so comical. Actor invited to play Don Quixote in the musical, but he has a creative crisis, and the only image of a beautiful Dulcinea, which seems to him, Jill is able to bring him out of his stupor. Nevertheless, jokes relating to the biography of the actor, his work in theater and film, more or less failed, which is not true of the rest. Do not even know what's worse - the thousandth time advocated the importance of family, obligatory opening what some truths (preferably on the eve of some important holiday) or a series of inevitable jokes associated with abundant food, physiological differences or uncomfortable underwear. Adam Sandler, who participated in writing the script, and in producing the picture, obviously a good time on the set for a couple with director Dennis Duganov. Together, they all remembered joint projects, all sounded there jokes, all the topics on which they were made jokes, and built his new job on the same material, just pointing it in the right direction brotherly-sisterly relationship. And Al Pacino lured by shooting hoax. Perhaps he too loves donuts, for which he suffered.

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