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Film Genre: Drama Military Historical
Budget: $ 94 million
Country of Origin: Hong Kong, China
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Zhang Yimou
Operator: Zhao Xiaoding
Somposer: Gypsies Chen
Actors: Christian Bale, Ni Ni, Xin Zhang, Paul Schneider, Tong Dawei, Huang Tianyuan, Shawn Dou, Not Yuan, Shigeo Kobayashi
IMDB: 7.6

1937, China. American mortician, John goes to the Catholic church in Nanjing to make a posthumous makeup priest and falls into the very epicenter of hostilities. He is the only man among the students of the monastery and beautiful young geisha who had taken refuge in the temple walls. By only one girl who knows English, John there is sympathy, which develops into a mutual feeling now. To save the poor women, he pretends to be a priest and tries to withdraw from the war-torn city ... Here you can download Jin ling shi san chai Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Chinese response "Schindler's List" from the director of "Hero," "House of Flying Daggers" and several other films, a genre which does not fit in with this picture. At first glance. The basis of "The Flowers of War" put events in Nanjing in December 1937, during the Sino-Japanese War. Japanese capture of the city, nearly a week not only destroyed the remaining handful of Chinese soldiers and civilians, do not overlook women and children. About what threatened any resident of any age Nanjing meeting with the Japanese and filmed mostly this tape. Other facts and processes that could potentially be interested viewers are only episodes, however, very juicy, in the spirit, so to speak, Asian adventure film - with slow motion and very beautiful flying objects. Someone John Miller (Bale), the undertaker, comes to town in the midst of events, to bury the priest of the local Catholic cathedral. Instead, expect to pay for the works he finds the only wine cellar, a flock of Chinese students of Catholic and boy-servant. Literally immediately from the house next door to the monastery to rescue prostitutes, and after them - the Japanese soldiers. Overcoming the natural desire to get into the closet and wait, John Miller, impersonating a priest and tries to protect all fallen under his tutelage girls. Make it a normal, even adventure movie, it is not possible, but "The Flowers of War" - is something like the Chinese heroic fantasy, so there is a chance. Chinese Catholic interesting in themselves, as well as the undertaker, in seconds, so even with a terrible hangover turned into a guardian angel unfortunate girls. But Zhang Yimou once to pay attention to such trifles, so strengthening the faith he showed off his maiden by a bullet shattered stained glass (nice), and degeneration of the undertaker in the priest accompanies the slow unfolding of the flag with the emblem of the Red Cross (very nice). To more to these topics come back and concentrate on the essentials - the story of the beautiful hookers with hearts of gold. Among which one (the most beautiful, heart of the highest order), of course, is fluent in English and, of course, has the sad fate. In the history of this, in addition, there are unnaturally fearless and generous, Major Lee, a few Japanese war - monsters of varying degrees of bloodthirstiness, and a few other minor Chinese, who, one and all, at the right time and become heroes of the soul resist the invader. Starting with a relatively original and scary scenes worthy of a realistic war drama "The Flowers of War" turns not even half fantastic melodrama, as in a fairy tale like "Curse of the Golden Flower." Only suits simpler times, newer and starring Hollywood actor. Perhaps deciding to join the religion of the West, East and myths Christian Bale, Yimou hoped for "Oscar". And, as we know, nothing.

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