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Film Genre: Comedy Action
Budget: $ 2,000,000
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Year of Release: 1994
Director: Liu Chyalyan
Actors: Jackie Chan, Lang T, Anita Mui, Felix Wong, Liu Chyalyan, Ken Lo, Kar Lok Chin Chi-Kwong Cheung, Hong Yi San
IMDB: 7.6

Sequel to the popular action movie with Jackie Chan "Drunken Master", which became the last traditional kung fu films for the actor. The main hero Wong Fei-Hung is involved in a situation involving the illegal export of Chinese artifacts from the country by the British consul. In addition to a showdown with the international scandal, Fei-Hung waiting at least Glowing family relationships, because of which he could lose the inheritance. Despite the blame on him problems, Wong always know that they invented the style "Drunken Master" will help to get out of any alterations! In the US box "Drunken Master 2" was released under the title "The Legend of Drunken Master". With help of this site you can download Jui kuen II Free Full Movie in HD.

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