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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy Action Fantasy
Country of Origin: India
Year of Release: 1995
Director: Rakesh Roshan
Screenwriter: Sachin Bhowmik, Ravi Kapoor, Anwar Khan
Operator: Kaka Thakur
IMDB: 7.0


Karan Arjun - brothers left without a father in the care of her sick mother. To feed his family, the brothers went to the hardest work - on the quarry, which belongs to cruel and greedy owner Dhurdzhanu Singh. Persistent bullying employees and intolerable working conditions are forcing Karan Arjun enter into open conflict with the owner. Sneaky Singh ordered his thugs to kill the brothers. Distraught mother turns to the sky, to the goddess Kali punish evildoers. And vengeance overtake Singh twenty years. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Karan Arjun in HD free full Movie.

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