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Film Genre: Biography Historical Adventure
Budget: $ 16.6 million
Country of Origin: Germany, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2012
Screenwriter: Petter Skavlan, Allan Scott
Operator: Geir Hartly Andreassen
Somposer: Johan Sёderkvist
Actors: Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen, Anders Christiansen Baasmo, Gustaf Skarsgard, Odd Magnus Williamson, Tobias Zantelman, Jakob Oftebro, Agnes Kittelsen, Eleanor Burke, Manuel Cauchy, Sam Chapman, Thomas Arnold
IMDB: 7.3

Adventure movie, which is based on the world-famous feat traveler Thor Heyerdahl, committed in 1947 epic expedition - crossing the Pacific Ocean on a small rickety raft Kon-Tiki. Giant whales, encounters with hungry sharks, lightning storm, tearing wind, the battle for life in the midst of the raging elements. "Kon-Tiki" was nominated for "Oscar" in the category of best foreign language film. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Kon-Tiki in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

The film's first big trip Thor Heyerdahl. The famous explorer did not even know how to swim. Not literally, but no less interesting book retelling traveler Thor Heyerdahl made by the combined forces of the British, Danes, Germans, and, of course, the Norwegians. Americans were not invited, and probably for the better. When pronounce the name, remember the most famous photos Heyerdahl, which show a lean, cheerful, gray-haired man, already accustomed to pose and obviously knows his own worth. But in 1947 he was barely thirty, and he's just getting ready to show the world what he had no doubts. The journey was incredibly dangerous, as crazy Heyerdahl seriously determined to repeat the path of Peruvian Indians in Polynesia, swim thousands of miles away on a raft. Made in accordance with the Indian same instructions, that is made of logs and ropes, without nails and wire. Moreover, Heyerdahl was so confident in the technical specifications of their vessel that even seeing that logs and ropes swelled from the water and the raft is going to part, forbade their staples. If the Indians had time to swim where it is necessary, and we doplyvem. And swam. Difficult and tedious it was not only the journey itself, but the preparation for it. Perhaps Heyerdahl than once compared himself to the ancient mariner, who is trying to knock out the money from the treasury is one of the monarch or the other, trying to explain the importance and the forthcoming voyage and its role in raising the prestige of the kingdom . Money Heyerdahl did not want to give categorically in his theory did not believe no one, and it moved only when he decided to play on the vanity - the most interesting and fruitful sin. A screen adaptation of "Kon-Tiki" received just be what you need. Without excessive pathos and the proud shouts of "We did it!", But with a detailed demonstration of how it was done. As Thor Heyerdahl came to his theory, he tried to prove it, how to build a raft, how to look for sponsors as sailing, overcoming the constant fear of water. Fascinating, beautiful, A loose, masterfully filmed a story about how to have a real person was a real dream, which he alone was able to carry out. What could be better?

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