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Film Genre: Thriller
Country of Origin: Spain, Colombia
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Andres Baïse
Screenwriter: Andres Baïse, Arturo Infante, Hatem Hraiche
Operator: Josep M. Sivit
Actors: Martin Garcia, Quim Gutiérrez, Clara Lago, Alexandra Stewart
IMDB: 7.3

Waitress Fabian acquainted with one of the casual visitors - Adrian, going through a difficult period in my life. Passion flares up between them. For the girls, everything seems perfect: her favorite - passionate handsome orchestra conductor in Bogota Philharmonic and the owner of a huge mansion. Soon, however, there are unforeseen difficulties. Fabian itself begins to doubt the feelings of a lover. Trying to find out the truth, it is a dangerous trap ... With help of this site you can download La cara oculta in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

The eternal problem of relations in a very close love triangle. Without any psychological quirks, but a little nervous. Young talented conductor Adrian (Quim Gutierrez) experiencing a break with girlfriend named Belen (Clara Lago), which has disappeared, leaving a strange message on video. Experiencing it slightly - to quickly followed by a meeting with the waitress Fabian (Martin Garcia). Fabian fascinated slightly mysterious young man, and his expensive mansions. The only thing that bothers her a little, it is deaf, barely audible sounds coming from below, and circles on the water in a filled bath - if someone has a last effort batters through the pipes. "Bunker" - another reminder of what should not be afraid of the dead, not ghosts, whose eyes no one saw, but it is human beings, especially those that brought to handle. The main intrigue is revealed about the middle of the picture, when the story as if on behalf of a new girl moves to the conductor Fabiana old girl Belen (if you watched the trailer, plot is not at all). The idea of ​​a bunker, of course, is good, but obviously requires more psychology and dynamics. Besides the fact that both girls are capable of much, we do not know about them almost nothing. With the conductor, who both are coveted by some mysterious reason, everything is not clear. Muddy type, suspicious. In general, if you expect the script and, most importantly, its implementation in the spirit of another Spanish director, which is the most quarrelsome and maudlin melodramatic plot is able to transform into a work of art, you will be sorely disappointed. In the "Bunker" in spite of the elements of mysticism, thriller and even indirect presence of the Nazis, there is only one strong point - it is a conversation girlfriends conductor. The rest is occupied by beautiful landscapes, sex scenes and illustrations of questionable reliability on "how to survive in extreme conditions." But if you would like to once again hear the morality in the spirit of "Do not part with your favorite" and "what goes around, comes around", then you "Bunker", definitely.

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