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Film Genre: Thriller
Budget: 13,500,000 €
Country of Origin: Italy
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Operator: Fabio Zamarion
Somposer: Ennio Morricone
Actors: Geoffrey Rush, Jim Stёrdzhess, Sylvia Hooks, Donald Sutherland, Philip Jackson, Dermot Crowley, Kiruna Stamell, Liya Kebede, Katerina Capodilista, Gene Seto, Lawrence Belgrave, Shawn Buchanan
IMDB: 7.9

Psychological thriller. Virgil Oldman - managing director of leading auction houses. From time to time with his partner Billy in front of the whole world, he cranks clever scam, deftly manipulating and deceiving both sellers and buyers. In a secret room of his villa he collected hundreds of priceless paintings from different eras. One day a mysterious woman, hiding his identity, asks him to sell antiques her family. Among the many works of art over and over again Oldman finds long-lost particle mechanism. Folding like a puzzle found items, along with his friend Robert brilliant, they try to unravel the secret. But Oldman is interested not only antiques. The film "best offer" has an alternate ending, which is somewhat different from the theatrical version. Here you can download La migliore offerta in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Devastatingly beautiful picture of what is sometimes victims may require art. The film is directed by Giuseppe Tornatore (removed, in particular, "Malena") - a two-hour trip to an art gallery, a short course in mechanics and psychiatry and tutorial on "How to learn to understand people." Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) - CEO of a major auction house, the famous art critic and a man with a lot of quirks. Despite the huge circle of friends and frequent trips, he tries to protect themselves from the outside world - dine in the restaurant, the gloves, talking on the phone, throwing a scarf over the phone, and mobile phone does not initiate a fundamentally. In Virgil, there is another oddity - he zealously maniac collects portraits of women, even for the sake of breaking the law and redeem standing paintings through his old friend Billy (Donald Sutherland). By Vergil addresses a woman named Claire (Sylvia Hooks) to assess get her inherited antiques. Dubious proposal is accepted as an art critic and the most interested in a client, and its unusual phobia - fear of open spaces. In addition, in the house of Virgil Claire discovers an ancient part of the device, which has no parallel in the history of mechanics. The name "best offer" in the final acquires openly mocking tone: it originally had nothing to do with the world of art or antiques for sale. Tornatore, who wrote the script for his film could compete in ingenuity, for example, by Arturo Perez-Reverte, a master of intricate intrigue and unexpected solutions. The story they tell is as old as the world, but is full of paradoxes and served amazingly subtle and elegant. Can I change the portrait, fell in love with a woman alive? The extent to which a person is able to descend meanness sake of owning a work of high art? Really can not betray the only people, but also the things they have created, and signature under the picture can finish no worse than human clubs? And so on and so forth, but no question to ask specific, but only hints greased and halftones - in between deliberate brilliance and richness of the auction, demonstrations luxurious wardrobe with dozens of pairs of gloves and scenes in restaurants, more similar to the exhibition halls. Defiantly beautiful and meaningful at the same time. If you at least once in a lifetime kind of fascinated and excited the open box of pencils Faber or admired someone's outfit, picked up the smallest details, the "best offer" you certainly vote.

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