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Film Genre: Drama Thriller
Budget: $ 13 million
Country of Origin: Spain
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Screenwriter: Agustin Almodovar, Pedro Almodovar, Thierry Jonquet
Operator: Jose Luis Alcaine
Somposer: Alberto Iglesias
Actors: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Han Cornet, Marisa Paredes, Roberto Alamo, Eduard Fernández, José Luis Gómez, Blanca Suarez, Susie Sanchez, Barbara Lennie
IMDB: 7.6

Robert Ledgard - a famous plastic surgeon who created an artificial human skin. Research project, however, was not to the liking of leaders who feared radical methods used in the development of revolutionary discoveries, and it rolled. But Robert did not rest on that - at his country house lives a mystery. Locked languishing Faith - a young woman who is the true object for experiments plastic surgeon. Here you can download La piel que habito Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

A well-known surgeon, played by Antonio Banderas, held captive girl, for which created a new skin Ace surgeon Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) is working in the home lab conducting experiments - invents artificial skin. Its development it represents colleagues, telling about the miraculous properties of new skin: it is much stronger than a human, repels insects and does not burn in the fire. So he wants to help people who have suffered from burns as his own wife. But the management makes Ledgarda minimize project, since the experiments are based on the development of genetic engineering. The surgeon is not upset - he is a living example of what his method works. In his house lives a girl Vera (Elena Anaya), which "is" new skin. Who this girl has to Ledgardu - an enigma. It is not his wife, though her face - a copy of the deceased spouse, not a lover, as he avoids contact with her long, and did not seem to daughter since she died. View eternally gloomy doctor does not inspire confidence and creates a dual representation of it: whether it really helps people, whether he's a maniac, holding his victim in a cage. The film is based on the novel by Thierry Jonquet 'Tarantula'. The whole point here in the intrigue, which is stored for a long time director, and only towards the end of the action is transferred to a few years ago, which explains the motives of the protagonist. If you have not read the book, it is unlikely to guess what is actually hiding from you the director. And if you read it, you have to just enjoy the picture. Almodovar, who likes to cultivate naturalism, frankly shows a naked and very beautiful body of a young heroine, admiring face close up. Beautiful brunette burning Banderas with moist eyes and cool composure under any circumstances. Adorable costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. With all this beauty on the face - a complete mess with the genre. The movie begins as a thriller with elements of science fiction. Then, when a man in a suit of a tiger, which shows a bare ass, kind of like a comedy begins. But then everything slips into melodrama with the murders. However, this mess and carnival disguises so skillfully interwoven that off the screen completely impossible.

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