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Right place. Wrong time.

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Film Genre: Comedy Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
Budget: $ 100 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Brad Silberling
Screenwriter: Chris Henchy, Dennis McNicholas, Sid Krofft
Operator: Dion Beebe
Somposer: Michael Giacchino
Actors: Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, Jorma Taccone, John Boylan, Matt Loher, Bobby J. Thompson, Sierra McCormick, Shannon Lemke
IMDB: 5.3

Scientist Rick Marshall has a reputation among his colleagues mad, his experiments with time travel cause some smiles in the scientific community. Together with his assistant and friend Holly Will he puts a grand experiment in one of the ancient caves ... and the experiment was a success! Successful in the sense that all three fall into a temporary funnel and move to a strange dimension where dinosaurs easily coexist and different fantastic creatures, like people-lizards. However, in order to get home in time travelers have to work hard ... Here you can download Land of the Lost Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Quantum paleontologist Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is developing a theory of time funnels, which can explore only through tahionometra, instrument resembling a huge cassette recorder and singing, respectively, arias from musicals. Advanced ideas of Professor shares exactly one person - a former student of Cambridge Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel). She believes in quantum paleontology, and the funnel, so inciting Marshall to put the tape in the case and try to get into another dimension. Penetration passes is not very good: Scientists lose precious singing machine, but instead acquire a companion - brash souvenir sellers Will (Danny McBride). The Lost World meets the trio unfriendly: Tyrannosaurus wants to eat them, a local resident - the primacy of Chuck - certainly grab Holly chest and terrible army of zombie reptiles - slistakov - burn in boiling lava. So, to get back to your tahionometr, Marshall and his companions had to endure all kinds of hardships, and most importantly - each other. Will Ferrell, doused with urine dinosaur, overcome huge mosquitoes and singing under the banjo - then still a spectacle, I must say. The film is based on the American television series mid 70s. The creators of the full-length version, including director Brad Silberling ("Lemony Snicket") as one, were fans of "Lost World", so I try not only out of fear and budget, but also for touching memories of childhood. Almost all of the shooting, except for the scenes in the desert, were carried out in a specially built up grandiose scenery - and six pavilions Universal Studios. Childhood memories embodied well: adventure eccentric professor and his companions to the best comical and amusing. Conflicting feelings is only voice. For Marshall, for example, says Sergei Svetlakov of "Our Rashi". Leaving aside sounded from the screen "sosiski", as well as issues of voice and diction problems, we can only humbly notice that the film is intended for children and adolescents are not yet familiar with the company's polls parlance adopted in some programs of the channel TNT.

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