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When the law became corrupt, outlaws became heroes

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Critic's response:

On the question why the most influential trend-maker 90s nothing was shooting the last six years (since the "Jackie Brown," 1997), the best answer he Quentin Tarantino: "I do not want to repeat the mistakes of other directors who in the wake of the success of nasnimali a lot of bad movies. I want to go down in history as the author only good pictures. " Coming to view the first part of "Kill Bill", I thought that this strategy (in addition to other advantages) makes Tarantino chief director of contemporary cinema, no matter what anyone said. Firstly, despite the age and status of the living classic, Tarantino is still the same enthusiastic boy who with sincere admiration quoted his favorite genres, which has grown. Each short story "Kill Bill" - a dedication to one of them. Revenge of the Bride (Uma Thurman) Return the Green (Vivica A.Foks) inspired by the trash genre blaxploitation (most famous film - "Coffey" in 1973), which was also completely devoted to "Jackie Brown." Japanese history O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) refers to the East Asian kung fu movies like "Five Finger Death" and "Master Flying Guillotine", which Tarantino was a fan since childhood. The theme of revenge Bride Budd (Michael Madsen), which we will see more in "Kill Bill 2", solved in style spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone with their background scorched steppe, cowboy hat and pathos of punishment for the death of loved ones. Finally, the passage from one-eyed nurse Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) is taken from the shameless trash (just remember Fatal Beauty Russ Meyer). For this story Hannah with her heroine backgrounds expensive garbage (whom she just not played - and an android, and a mermaid, and the fiftyot woman) is ideal, but Tarantino wrote her a few more savory remarks like: "To die in a dream - a luxury that is not everyone can afford. " After these scenes you realize that Tarantino once again crossed the line beyond which there is a bad taste, but did so, as always, excellent. The funny thing is that Tarantino, who was considered after the first two films "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction", "boyish" director (bandits, cut off ears, dialogues hamburgers), two of his last film ("Jackie Brown" and "Kill Bill") made almost feminist. It is evident that he genuinely sympathetic heroines and admires them as the creator who can not take his eyes off their creations. I can not think of another director who would not take off for so long and would return to his best form. Yet I can not recall another contemporary filmmaker, who shot to the net art-house, consisting of a set of favorite underground genres, which would thus become commercially successful (the first part of "Kill Bill" for a long time to recoup the costs to both "series" Only in America) . And what could be more modern than the ability to like and intellectuals (Tarantino movie knows better than any critic), and the masses? That is why Tarantino is number one, and I do not see anyone who could replace him in the near future. I have to Tarantino's only one question. When the Bride woke up from a coma, she looked at his hands and realized that lay sedated for four years. Is it possible along the lines of the hand to determine how much time passed?

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