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Download Le guignolo full movie

Film Genre: Comedy Action
Country of Origin: Italy, France
Year of Release: 1980
Director: Georges Lautner
Operator: Henri Decaen
Actors: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Mirella D'Angelo, Michel Galabru, Carl Romanelli, Paolo Bonacelli, Georges Géret, Michel Bon, Charles Gerard, Maurice Ozel, Tony Kendall
IMDB: 5.9

"Playing four hands" - screwball comedy about the adventures nice guy Alexandra Dupre. His main occupation - by careless amorous scams to extort money from wealthy widows. For the time being, everything went like clockwork, until one day Dupre not suspected of international espionage. When hurt the interests of France, there's no time for jokes. Did unwillingly Dupree becomes privy to the secrets of national importance. From now on, the guy will deftly maneuver between the interests of the French president and the Arab emirs. Here you can download Le guignolo 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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