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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Fantasy
Country of Origin: Belgium, France
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Michel Gondry
Operator: Christophe Bokarn
Actors: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh, Omar Sy, Aissami Maiga, Charlotte Le Bon, Sasha Burden, Philip Torreton, Vincent Rottier, Laurent Lafitte, Alain Chabat
IMDB: 6.6

Film-fantasy from director Michel Gondry. A love story set in a fantasy world where love flying on a date in pink Tuchke and dancing on the ceiling in the hallway where ordinary apartment living sun, and mouse-stewards conduct conversations with cats, where the flowers grow inside people and the heat of the human heart is capable of destroying most dangerous weapon. The film "Mood Indigo" - film adaptation of the novel by the French writer Boris Vian. Here you can download Lecume des jours Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Amazing film adaptation of the famous surrealist drama Boris Vian on inflation, eat no money, and the very lives of the characters. Young bachelor Knee (Dyuris) lives in a beautiful apartment with economic mouse (Bourdeau) and black chef Nicolas (Omar Sy). His friend Schick (Elmaleh), a fan of Jean-Sol Partry (Torreton), says that recently fell in love with Aleesa (Maiga), which turned out to be the niece of Nicolas. Coghlan also decides to fall in love and soon met at a party at a friend with a cute Chloe (Tautou). Fly on a cloud and dance skosiglaz, they decide to get married. But after the wedding, fun carefree existence was replaced by disease, poverty, work and death. Trying to pass a brief synopsis of this work is impossible and pointless as trying to film it. Reading "The foam days" Viana, involuntarily comes to mind, visualize that this absurd, surreal and yet so alive and close to us the world is simply unrealistic. Any most sophisticated computer special effects will look absolutely ridiculous, and many events are so strange and almost metaphysical character that they, in principle, it is difficult to imagine. Not surprisingly, the film adaptation of the famous novel so still were taken only twice - Charles Belmont in 1968 and Guo Ridzyu in 2001, but it was rather a "statement of explanation". And now, it is in the paradoxical spirit of "Scum days," the director appeared, as if created for its implementation on the screen. Michel Gondry not be called perfect master, but his infantilism and original kinomyshlenie as possible approached to the strange world of Viana, filled with cruel irony. The result is an almost perfect film adaptation of a literary work, corresponding to wonder exactly original source is not so much the plot as visualization. It should be added that Audrey Tautou as if specially born for the role of Chloe, it looks kind of fits into the world of "Foam days" as if she were one of the pieces, the artists invented for the film, rather than a living woman. And there are a great many pieces there, and they are made in many different ways. Thus, the cloud that fly Colin and Chloe - this urban vehicle based on a tower crane, street cars are made of two welded together, which gives them the appearance of seemingly familiar, but delusional technology. Heroes live in Paris, but not the future or even parallel, and in Paris a strange dream where they can fly on a cloud in a very real Motor Show Peugeot on the Champs Elysees and buy transparent limousine LimoVian - brand Peugeot, of course. But the most incredible and cleverly solved apartment Knee, requiring filming in the spirit of Georges Méliès, and choreography. Not so difficult to come up with a dance Vian skosiglaz how Gondry - as it might look. All this fantastic surreal feast that generated the incredible ingenuity and hard work, even led many critics to accuse Gondry that he chose drama props. Perhaps the picture really is less compressive longing soul, and the catchphrase "You will pay for this job a lot of money, but you're so tired that you will not need" is not sounded. But the feeling of inflation life when narrowing walls, windows grow dim and the world is so beautiful and happy, inevitably fades - there is a sufficient degree to be able to get depressed. From which saves only the great delight of the movie made.

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