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When the last angel falls, the fight for mankind begins.

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Film Genre: Thriller Action Fantasy
Budget: $ 26 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2009
Director: Scott Charles Stewart
Screenwriter: Peter Schink, Scott Charles Stewart
Operator: John Lindley
Somposer: John Frizzell
Actors: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Charles S. Dutton, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Jon Tenney, Kevin Durant, Will Holland, Kate Walsh
IMDB: 5.1


Tired of the depravity of mankind, and finally lost faith in him, God sends to earth militant army of angels. The goal is simple - to destroy people. On the protection of divine creation gets only the archangel Michael, honest, brave and determined. He opposes the decision of the Lord, and he descends from heaven to protect them from violence hordes of angels of death a pregnant waitress, Charlie. Needless to say, the future savior of pregnant girl .... Here you can download Legion 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

A group of people, for various reasons, stuck in a diner in the desert, watching in amazement decent kind old lady. Dirty cursed pregnant waitress and bite one of the visitors neck, old vzrykivaet voice not his own, promises the audience a quick death and starts crawling on the ceiling. Immediate execution of the insane pensioner did not clarify, and then everything looks rush toward Paul Bettany. He had just arrived at the diner in a police car, dressed in a stylish gray coat, and in the trunk of his armory. He said that his name was Michael, but "they are already", so he gives to everyone trunks and barricades with them in the room. If in addition it is fair to say that some time ago fell from the sky, sawed off his wings, and then their own darned wounds on his back, one would not be surprised. For approaching something terrible: the world hit randomly selected plagues, TV did not work, and to a diner pulled people with facial expressions zombies and horrific intentions. Just tired of the Lord of mankind, and instead of the flood afflicted him the angel Gabriel (Kevin Durand) with unlimited powers, and to complicate the task, whispered obstinate Archangel Michael, that a pregnant waitress actually waiting for the Messiah. That is, the happy ending is still possible. The highest representatives of the heavenly hierarchy often bang their heads before - in a dark "Constantine," glamorous "Van Helsing" and little-known, but as far as possible from even the biblical reality of the "angel of light" (in the original it is called - "Gabriel"). Sometimes Gabriel stands for "good", and Michael - on the contrary. In "Legion" as is, by and large, does not have any meaning at all. Because here in the beginning was not the word, and the picture. And in the end - it is. Priplesti to the story of the beginning of the "Terminator", put the action into the classical space - roadside diner, surrounding it with hordes of vile creatures, and in the end make a battle on the iron club and wings - until then could only think of the person for whom the entertainment is the main advantage of any picture. Directed by Scott Stewart, create visual effects for "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Iron Man" and a dozen of famous paintings, its task done perfectly. The only question is, is it normal when a movie where most of humanity dies and the remaining continuously refer to the Bible, the life of me, still pulls called "rzhachnye."

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