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Love. Art. Betrayal.

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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Biography
Budget: 2 500 000 €
Country of Origin: Spain, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Paul Morrison
Operator: Adam Sushittski
Somposer: Miguel Measure
Actors: Robert Pattinson, Matthew McNulty, Marina Getell Bruno Oro, Esther Nubiola, Marc Pujol, Arly Jover, Simon Andreu, Victoria Penh, Javier Beltran
IMDB: 6.6

In 1922, the young but already feeding great expectations around the world of art people meet in Madrid. Catalan Salvador Dali, the genius and revolutionary painting, and a southerner Federico García Lorca - such as an innovator in poetry. Creative and impulsive people closer together in mutual feelings, but their relationship is interrupted for some time. The fate of the helpless geniuses in different cities, and soon both find themselves exactly those women whom history calls them muses. Yet a relationship conceived between the artist and poet in Madrid, do not fade away completely. The film was named in honor of the Salvador Dali painting "Echoes of the past." With PsiMovie.Com you can download Little Ashes 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Biographical melodrama about friendship of three Spanish geniuses mistakenly published to the movies, but not on TV. Among progressive students Madrid art college early 1920s (Luis Buñuel, Federico Garcia Lorca, and the rest - the extras) there are new - the self-proclaimed savior of modern art, Salvador Dali (Robert Pattinson). Gained the respect of the senior companions pictures of 18-year-old genius at first confused surrounding utter jabot and languishing eyes, and soon moves on to clean the eccentric and recitation psevdoprovokatsionnyh manifestos about art and life without boundaries. Attentively listening to other sensual Lorca (Javier Beltran) - when friends go on vacation together in the seaside Cadaques, during one of the joint midnight bathing poet and did understand that love. History of violent youth trio of Spanish geniuses, according to legend, Dali Tell open up on his deathbed, director Morrison somehow relates to the aesthetics of sincere but clumsy telemelodramy. Blooming meadows of Andalusia, like the heroes of the soap opera fight and make peace Lorca, Buñuel and Dali, casual served historical context - the characters over and over again all of a sudden break in the pathetic speeches about the fate of the homeland; When you need to be reminded of their genius, actor Beltran takes spectacular posture and expression reads Lorca. The selected form dictates and ease of use with the characters - echoes of the past are commonplace labels: Dali - poseur, tantrums and conformist, Lorca - romantic, patriotic and gay Buñuel - poser and homophobic. Comes to absolutely unexpected extremes: for example, rejecting the temptations of homosexuality, Dali turned immediately to fascism.

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