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Film Genre: Drama Crime
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2010
Director: William Monahan
Screenwriter: Ken Bruen, William Monahan
Operator: Chris Mengis
Actors: Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley, Ray Winstone, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Ben Chaplin, Eddie Marsan, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Stephen Graham, Ophelia Lovibond, Jamie Campbell Bower
IMDB: 6.3

Criminal and gangster named Mitchell met with a movie star named Charlotte, who is very beautiful, vulnerable and forced to hide from the paparazzi and all sorts of other pursuers at his home. Trying to tie to the past, Mitch finds comfort in this cute, charming girl, and, in an attempt to finally embark on the path of correction, is hired as a bodyguard to a new friend. But dark matter do not let go just like that ... With help of this site you can download London Boulevard Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

Mitch (Colin Farrell) is released from prison and decides to commit firmly to the underworld. In search of work, he accidentally meets a movie star girlfriend Charlotte (Keira Knightley), and she invites him to become a bodyguard. Charlotte lives in a huge mansion in the heart of London, malyuet paintings and afraid of reporters. But ex-boyfriend Mitch can not let go of a valuable frame just like that - the guy has all the qualities of a real man. If needed, do not hesitate to give the forehead and protect the weak. Mitch settled down after prison can and priests to go - so innocent and meek he looks over his former accomplices. Out of nowhere, suddenly there is an underground mafia boss in London (Ray Winstone), who believes that Mitch is not necessary to go from door to door, and knock out the debts of defaulters. He is worthy of more serious cases, and in the future can take the place of the mafia. The guy desperately resists, trying to save their loved ones - and the homeless alcoholic, and his sister-prostitute, and Charlotte, who lives in his own world. In general, the film turned out beautiful, primarily due to the full-scale survey of London and the surrounding area. But the abundance of minor characters, storylines that go nowhere, confuse the viewer. Among the endless string sisters doctors know Mitch can be identified unless other Charlotte (David Thewlis), who did a great job with the role of producer-addict joke targeting police officers. The director of "The Bodyguard" was made by William Monahan, received the "Oscar" for his screenplay "The Departed." Even without knowing the name of the director people immediately notice the similarities between these films. Many innocent victims in the fight strong people shot in the face, nice music. But if Martin Scorsese at the time of filming "The Departed" was already not a newcomer on the part of the criminal militants, the Monaghan still have to work and work to achieve results in a new role. Waiting for the next creation of Guy Ritchie (promising second "Sherlock Holmes" by December 2011) you can visit the theater to watch "The Bodyguard." He certainly damp, but all the makings of gangster thriller in it. And yes, the fans will be disappointed Keira Knightley - she appears on the screen very sporadically.