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Film Genre: Comedy Thriller Action Western Adventure
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1994
Director: Richard Donner
Screenwriter: Roy Huggins, William Goldman
Operator: Vilmos Zsigmond
Actors: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner, Graham Greene, Alfred Molina, James Coburn, Dub Taylor, Geoffrey Lewis, Paul L. Smith, Dan Hedaya
IMDB: 7.0

The main character - a charming swindler and card tricksters, the famous poker player Bret Maverick. He selflessly "earn" money to participate in the championship of poker all rivers. Small sum - $ 25,000, and deftly Maverick is missing three thousand. It is time to once again turn the card scam, but the way of the hero stands a charming Anabel, not less nimble speculator than the Maverick. At every opportunity she pulls out a purse from a sharpie, however, this does not prevent men experience a warm feeling to the thief. Enduring successes and failures, Maverick moves to the target. With help of this site you can download Maverick in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Lovely Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster charming play poker, flirt and steal money. Movies that are playing poker, always interesting. After all, poker - is not just a card game through which you can get rich. Poker - is an art. Writers Roy Huggins and William Goldman has paid off, when put together in one story Wild West and poker. It's fertile ground for the creation of interesting and courageous heroes. Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson), a professional card player, is going to participate in a poker tournament. The entrance fee is quite impressive (25 thousand dollars), and Maverick lacks only three thousand, however, he had little time: The tournament starts in a couple of days. But Bret Maverick never discouraged - in such cases, he remembers his dad, who always taught his life, and was well on to the target, through successes and failures. 25,000 collected, the entrance fee is paid, and it turns out that to win the grand prize - not the most difficult task. It is also necessary to stay alive. The cast is utterly gorgeous. In Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster turned out great pair of adventurers. Bret Maverick loves card is much more than money, but "honestly earned" he fearlessly protects (and therefore skillfully with a gun). Annabel Brensford not against easy money. A frail woman who resorts to various tricks - in such need be watched. Actor absolutely not concede one iota. Angel Hombre (Alfred Molina) - hot-tempered player with a criminal past and is likely the same in the past. Sheriff Zane Cooper (James Garner) - Defender offended women and guardian of public order, with amazing charisma. "Maverick" from beginning to end is permeated with good quality humor. All participants - from the director to the actors - are not afraid to laugh at yourself, and having fun doing it. The appearance of Danny Glover's literally a couple of minutes written in the script, not because the writers run out of inspiration. Richard Donner, director of "Maverick" and even took all four of the "Lethal Weapon", where Gibson and Glover playing buddy-cops. And the phrase "I'm too old for this" - catchphrase hero Glover in "Lethal Weapon." Such is the allusion. Costumes, interiors, decor very cool add to the atmosphere of the Wild West. Wonderful music - composers merit Newman and Robertson. Stunning humor, wonderful actors - the complete set to cheer yourself up!

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