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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Fantasy
Budget: $ 90 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 1998
Director: Martin Brest
Screenwriter: Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade
Operator: Emmanuel Lubezki
Somposer: Thomas Newman
Actors: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Jake Weber, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Tambor, David S. Howard, Louis Kelly-Miller, Gianni Art. John, Richard Clarke
IMDB: 7.1


The story of the angel of death, who has taken leave of absence from their regular duties and disguised as the charming Joe Black (Brad Pitt). He appears in the home of newspaper magnate William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), a deal with him: William will be his guide in the world of men, and death will be delayed Parrish. Naive Joe Black meets with the joys of life as peanut oil, makes no attempt to help manage the business Parrish. But the unexpected happens - the body, which he chose for himself, belonged to the young man, who had just been in love with the daughter Susanne Parrish (Claire Forlani). With help of this site you can download Meet Joe Black 720p Free Full HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

The three-hour drama about the adventures of Death in the human world, with all its charms and temptations. Millionaire William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) on the eve of his 65th anniversary faced with the fact: he must die. Moreover, after it had already appeared in the guise of Death young handsome man named Joe Black (Brad Pitt). However, the death of all this tired routine - go from house to house, mow people collect souls. Death wanted to try something new and drew attention to life. Joe Black offers Parrish unusual pact: the millionaire will become the steward of death in the world of the living, in exchange, Black kindly agrees to extend the life of Parrish for a period of "vacation." Death to all a novelty: it tries to behave and perceive things not as an amorphous entity with a scythe and in the hood, but very, very attractive young man, knowing all the delights of carnal life, including peanut butter, fireworks and sex. In addition, throughout this adventure, there is a catch: the body of a young man who chose gravitating towards aestheticism Death for their incarnation, formerly belonged to the beloved daughter of Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani). In the picture Martin Brest no special effects, but it was at one time the most expensive film, besides good past the box office, despite the inhumane 3-hour timekeeping. Evil tongues say that the fees of the film due to the fact that before it is displayed twisted trailer of the first episode of "Star Wars" saga, and fans flocked to screenings, ignoring the very "Joe Black". Waste oligarch Parrish under the guise of "Meet John Black" - a remake of the 1934 film "Death takes a holiday." According to many, not the best. So, in 1999, the film was even nominated for "Razzie" for worst remake / sequel. Critics disappointed extremely slow, lulling worse than other lullabies, the pace of the film, pretentiousness, and the pathos of religious subjects. The audience fell like depth of thought peculiar to some philosophical works, and actors Hopkins and Pitt.

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