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Film Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: South Korea
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Actors: Cho Jae Hyun, Lee Eun-Y, Young Joo Seo
IMDB: 6.5

Extreme drama about the seminal relationship. A wife who cheated on her husband for a long time, all their vitality spent on hatred of him. And one evening to see how he makes love in a car with a saleswoman from a nearby store, she finally lost control of himself. At night, taking the knife, she picked up the sleeping husband, but he woke up and chased her, and then she went into the room teenage son and struck him a terrible injury. The film "Moebius" was first shown at the Venice Film Festival in September 2013. Here you can download Moebiuseu in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Family drama without words, but with genital mutilation, rape and incest. The sad story of the ordinary - husband cheating wife, wife finds out - turns into a terrible tragedy: distraught wife grabs the knife and trying to castrate her sleeping husband, he wakes up and sling it out of the room; Then she goes to her son, a teenager who just caught masturbating before, and castrated him, and cut off part of eats. Feelings of guilt makes the father immediately cut off his penis and then search the internet for information on cases of successful transplantation and at the same time alternative ways to get an orgasm. Son, meanwhile, goes their way of growing up, now complicated by the absence of the male sexual organ, and is involved in the gang rape of a former lover of his father. Incidentally, the mother and mistress, demonstrating miracles of transformation, played the same actress. In retelling this all sounds pretty scary and ridiculous, but Kim Ki-duk, known provocateur and preacher of violence, has long been absorbed in the study of perversions. At last his painting "Pieta", received the "Golden Lion" at the Venice Film Festival, in addition to proprietary naturalistic cruelty present ambiguous moments between mother and son. In the new film has again incest, castration, gang rape, masturbation with a knife stuck in the back where the knife replaces the penis, various forms of violence - in excess. What is happening on the screen so full of pain, suffering, aggression and hatred that say there is nothing. And in "Moebius" and really do not say a word. Only cry, cry, moan, wheeze, laughing wickedly. And this is the most interesting - the actors manage to convey such intense communication without words, all that happens is very clear. The film turned out to be so extreme scenes that even Asians did not survive - for hire at home, Kim Ki-Duk, South Korea, had to cut the toughest moments. All this inhuman Mortdecai around the male genital organs, including the stage with departing from the hands falling to the roadway and crushed several times a penis, leading ultimately to a simple Buddhist enlightenment, and, frankly, thank God.

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