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Film Genre: Melodrama Comedy Musical
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2007
Director: Marc Lawrence
Operator: Xavier Pérez Grobet
Actors: Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Scott Porter, Dan McMillan, Tom Foligno, Brad Garrett, Kristen Johnston, Nicholas Bacon, Andrew W. Blakemore, Campbell Scott
IMDB: 6.5

The film's protagonist - Alex Fletcher - have long been resigned to the status of "former" star. Group "Pop!", To which he was once - fifteen years broke up, but the man had a chance to regain its former glory. The key to success bylomu - young pop diva Cora Corman, but rather a song he had to write it in a few days. There is only one problem - the authorship of Alex is not too strong. However, the fate smiles at him again - he meets Sophie Fisher. A girl helps the hero to compose an excellent romantic ballads, but there can not do without the difficulties and trials ... The original name of the American comedy "With eyes - down from the chart - get out!" In a literal translation sounds like "Music and Lyrics." With PsiMovie.Com you can download Music and Lyrics 1080p Full Free movie HD.

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Critic's response:

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), a former member of the former popular group "Pop" growing houseplants and live performances in clubs questionable, where for twenty years grown old fans happily sing along chorus words longstanding hits. Once he get the chance to write a song for Cora superstar, girl entangled in Buddhism. The song should be called "Find a way back to love." Alex had never been friends with poetry - he composer, but, fortunately, the girl helping him with watering colors (Drew Barrymore), knows a lot about words. Fruitful cooperation on the basis of poetry and music helps to deal with those two cockroaches in their own minds and, of course, opens the door to happiness. The original name of «Music Lyrics »for some reason translated into Russian as" With eyes - down from the chart - get out! ". Who were these people, and what motives they were guided - it is not clear, they may also entangled in Buddhism. But not the essence. The second romantic comedy, filmed by Mark Lawrence on his own script (the first was "Two Weeks Notice"), clearly shows that this almost fifty native of Brooklyn has its own style. Alas, not the most outstanding. It would seem that two first-class actor in the hands of Grant and Barrymore - STI them as you like, and get a movie. But here's a pop singer Hugh bent exactly the same as the prime minister Hugh in "Love Actually", performing the same memorized dance. With Drew fared better, her first brief appearance in the frame to make the necessary recovery and confusion. But over time, as its position in the story and in the apartment Fletcher determined, it adapts to the overall moderate rhythm of the film and lose enthusiasm. Although this is quite weak inflame passions can find another explanation: talented actors play so great losers, it is almost impossible to watch. With humor in this comedy things are very bad. It seems there were a few funny moments - almost nothing comes to mind. Is that an allusion to Krylov's fable, but for some reason there is no doubt that Mr. Lawrence really meant Russian fabulist, but you never know. If the wing at anything - just have fun waking up under the piano. But it's pretty ambiguous, is not it?

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