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Film Genre: Action Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
Country of Origin: USA, Germany, Thailand
Year of Release: 2005
Director: Russell Malkey
Actors: Kyle MakLoklen, Daniel Calvert, Gabrielle Anwar, Patrick Stewart, Jason Durr, Omar Gooding, Vinnie Jones, Tom Mison, Roy Marsden, Chris Larkin
IMDB: 4.3

Adventure, film adaptation of the novel by Jules Verne production studio Hallmark. Six prisoners escape from the camp in Richmond in a balloon during the Civil War between North and South. During the trip over the Pacific Ocean, the aircraft enters the storm and the travelers are on a mysterious island. At first, he seemed to them uninhabited, but later exiled face unprecedented beings - huge carnivorous insects. In addition to the dangers waiting for travelers from the local fauna, they are threatened by pirates who inhabit the island. But most of all fear is the mysterious Captain Nemo, whose captivity are newcomers on a mysterious island. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Mysterious Island Full Free HD Movie.

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