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Film Genre: Melodrama
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Ol Parker
Screenwriter: Jenny Downham, Ol Parker
Operator: Eric Wilson
Actors: Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine, Paddy Considine, Olivia Williams, Kaya Scodelario, Rose Leslie, Joe Cole, Sarah Hedlend, Julia Ford, Patrick Baladi, Susan Brown
IMDB: 7.3

Melodrama about a terminally ill girl who wants to get it all. Tessa 17 years, and she wants to live a full life, but she diagnosed with a terminal illness. So she tries to use every moment, which she released on earth. Tess is a list of what is required in time: lost innocence, try drugs, a parachute jump and really love it. It is a step by step to realize their intentions, but suddenly flared up feeling to neighboring guy Adam changes all her plans. The film "Now is the time" based on the book by Jenny Downham "As long as I'm alive." Found a mistake? Let us know and we will eliminate this defect. Report an error "Now is the time to" watch online Watch movie online for 49 rubles This series is not yet available for viewing online series has not yet reached See also 8166 movies 1112 series and 107 TV shows available for free and paid viewing. Trailers Movie Stills "Now is the time" 10 See the movie on TV Monday 24 November 14:00 HD MOVIES Thursday 27 November 21:00 AMEDIA Jan. 29 November Saturday 4:10 AMEDIA Jan. 29 November Saturday 10:25 AMEDIA 1 Show all schedule Similar to offer similar films 7.22 Life is Beautiful 50/50 49 rubles. 8.30 The Fault in Our Stars The Fault in Our Stars 8.52 Cool Kids Do not Cry Achtste Groepers Huilen Niet Write a review Reviews and ratings for the film version of 1 reviews Boris Grishin December 13, 2012 8 Love and a little sentimental melodrama death Incredibly about first love and death from leukemia, the plot almost an exact copy of "Do not Give Up" Van Sant, only adapted to a wider audience. Many women in the final cry. 17-year-old Tessa (Fanning) is tired to struggle with leukemia, he realized that all the efforts of the doctors only slightly postpone the inevitable impending death. "Now is the time to do what you really want, but you can not, because there is nothing to lose anyway" - with the idea of ​​a girl is a list, in which mostly appear disorderly conduct, theft, alcohol, drugs and sex. Sentimental and cruelly burning in the garden of the old photos, Tess meets recently moved into the house next door guy - their peers Adam (Irvine), a sweet kid with the appearance of pop party boys band. The heart of a young man to match his appearance - he's cute, sensitive, caring, courageous, romantic and rides a motorcycle. The characters inevitably erupts mutual feeling, but Tess tries some time to hide from Adam his illness and it is somewhat clouded their relationship. Looks like movies about teenage love and death from cancer of the heroine became a sort of trend. Just over a year ago on the screens out film "Do not give up," Gus Van Sant with a plot almost identical. The only difference is that if Van Sant got some sort of tragedy in the style of rock, auteur cinema, whose characters - strange strange fascination with teenagers who prefer to laugh in the face of death, then Ol Parker movie done in the style of pop. His characters - the most common modern teenagers, deprived imagination and have no taste for the insane antics. However, this is normal, this is the majority of people, and from this it is a pity, no less. Parker reproach in the secondary plot in relation to the tape Van Sant, however, will not work, because "Now is the time" is an adaptation of the popular novel in the West Jenny Downham "As long as I am alive," released in 2007. If anyone blame, then the very Downham, because its plot resembles greatly simplified "Love Story" Erich Segal, on which in 1970 was shot the same film Arthur Hiller, included, by the way, in the top 100 American films of the most passionate version AFI . However, any criticisms in the secondary - an empty case, because "Now is the time" works fine on its audience, the film successfully teaches the viewer to appreciate the relationship with family and every moment of their lives. Girls can be recommended to go to the movie with her boyfriend - "Let, let him imagine that his girlfriend was going to die." In addition, it will be a good test for him - if the guy does not treat his girlfriend to tears at the final with compassion, then it is either a goat or a fool. Here you can download Now Is Good Full Free HD Movie.

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