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Film Genre: Thriller
Budget: $ 10 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Douglas Arniokoski
Screenwriter: Arniokoski Douglas, David Locker
Operator: Boris Moysovski
Somposer: Anton Sanko
Actors: Katrina Bowden, Judd Nelson, Corbin Bleu, Paz de la Huerta, Boris Kodjo, Nice Nash, Melanie Skorfano, Brittany Adams, Adam Hershman, Lauro Chartrend
IMDB: 4.6

Afternoon Abby Russell is an exemplary nurse who people trust their lives. But here at night it really works, using sexuality of their bodies. She seduces and deceives people to then bring them to a cruel death ... When nursing assistant Abby begins to suspect in the crimes, she tries to bring wretch to clean water. With help of this site you can download Nurse 3D in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Itself seksploteyshn mediocre, but with an incredible attraction - Paz de la Huerta in the title role. Abigail Russell - predator in the best sense of the word: she seduces married men and destroys the unholy and false traitors as the weak link of the human species. In the morning, puts on his starched - and exciting imagination of any man - nurse costume and go to work "Angel of Mercy" hospital "All Saints." At work, Abby enjoys a young newly-colleague Danny, but at some point loses his head, the situation is unambiguous, and Danny rejects it. There is already Abby gets out of control and is revealed in all its glory. "Nurse" - frankly thriller category "B", ruthlessly exploiting sexuality Paz de la Huerta - she undresses with ease and with a special grace and pleasure bleeds (but after a few minutes again shine in crisp white uniforms - exemplary nurse!). In general, if the stupid slasher and worth watching, it was only for the sake of the infamous actress in a leading role - everything else is mediocre and predictable. But Paz has a special enchanting magnetism that goes beyond the screen that captures the viewer and holds tightly to the end. While it is not hand-written beauty, her languor and impressively, slow tone and the person receiving the most incredible expressions, carnivorous hypnotized and are ideal for the role of nymphomaniac and exhibitionist with serious mental health problems. It is unfortunate that a great eksploteyshn-tie - Abby in the image Slayer unfaithful men and mstitelnitsy for all women - quickly fizzles and thriller focuses only on new obsession with the loss of control sotsiopatki. Now the heroine becomes dull, but Danny is correct, the viewer sympathy go to her, and Abby turns into a horrible monster. Slasher loses half his enthusiasm and charm and becomes a predictable story "lone white woman" - but without any artistic value. Take director Douglas Arniokoski actress for the lead role though with any outstanding acting talent, and not the alien Paz, a film with such a scenario (which is the narration Abby as a film noir) and the setting would be simply impossible to watch. Pretty bad acting, cheap special effects, focusing on the format of 3D, like flying in the viewer a scalpel and scissors, too serious attitude director's own bloody product - faithful companions of mediocre thriller. Arniokoski not debutant, behind him 25 years of experience in low-grade projects, including the failed fourth part of the "Highlander" and unremarkable "Judgement Day", but this time it turned out so bad that sometimes even seems to be good.

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