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Download Olympus Has Fallen Full movie torrent

Download Olympus Has Fallen hd movie

Film Genre: Thriller Action
Budget: $ 70 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Screenwriter: Catherine Benedict, Creighton Rothenberger
Operator: Conrad W. Hall
Somposer: Trevor Morris
Actors: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Finley Jacobsen, Dylan McDermott, Rick Yune, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell, Morgan Jay Williams, Cole Hauser, Robert Forster
IMDB: 6.5


"The Fall of Olympus" - a sharp thriller about saving the president. The terrorists seized the presidential palace and destroying the security service, taken hostage head of state. All attempts by the authorities to cope unsuccessful: because of the threat to life first-person security services can not even approach the building. Disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning is trapped inside the building. And now he's the only one who can save the president. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Olympus Has Fallen in HD free full Movie.

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Critic's response:

Old-fashioned thriller about another heroic American who fought against the omnipresent North Koreans, who, to the amazement of the world community capture the White House. On Christmas Eve, a courageous President (Eckhart) boxing at Camp David with his favorite guard Mike Banning (Butler). But it's time to go to congratulate the people and the cortege leaves in snowy haze - the weather was worse than in Russia this spring. Son of the president, a nice boy, begs to ride in the car with the support of the chief of the security services - a kid too crazy about this severe, but good bodyguard. On the way, the first lady (Judd) decides to congratulate her husband on a holiday and the president presents beautifully packaged rarity - no one knows where his grandfather clocks found (obviously, it is assumed that the audience of the picture will not be fans of Tarantino). Suddenly, in the presidential car enters the unknown something happens accidents on level ground, and the machine hangs over the precipice. First Lady wounded, the president is trying to unfasten her belt, but the lock jammed. Mike Banning manages to save only one president, the car falls into the abyss. It took six months. Favorite bodyguard transferred from the Presidential Guard on "paper" work. The next day, after the main national holiday President takes the White House delegation from South Korea. President of this country came to ask the United States to protect against aggressive northern neighbor. During the talks in Washington airspace invades transport aircraft, piloted by Koreans, and begins to shoot machine guns all in a row. Presidents together with the staff evacuated to the basement, but then North Korean spies take out machines, storming the White House and take the US president hostage. By chance was free Banning returns to his main responsibilities. Original, is not it? But so long description synopsis in this case is absolutely necessary. The viewer should fix the minimum attention to the unpretentious plot twists "Fall of Olympus" in anticipation of the long-awaited blockbuster Roland Emmerich's "Storm of the White House." Which, hopefully, will give us a lot of fun minutes. At the hour when all the world's media is literally full of "exotic North", the relevance of the screens "Olympus Has Fallen" will give odds even the recent remake of "Red Dawn" - a little less impressive "elusive." Those who are able to experience the fun of "very bad movie," simply must therefore prepare for emmerihovskomu masterpiece. Do not talk only then that you were not warned. The full extent of jingoistic fervor "Olympus" domestic audience can appreciate, just replacing the Russian American realities. Imagine a similar story about a courageous Russian president and his faithful head of security, of any kind and noble General FSO. Instead, the DPRK will present Georgia, and instead of South Korea - South Ossetia. Now imagine that this Russian film suddenly appears before the war 08.08.08. Here also understand how the Russian militarist agitprop far to Hollywood. Relations between the US and North Korea deteriorated since the beginning of March 2013, already 20 March "Olympus Has Fallen" appeared in worldwide box office, and the 26th North Korea led the embattled army. It's that - a PR movie or thriller filmed in Hollywood for two weeks on news of the day? However, if North Korea did make a war against South Korea, to laugh at "Olympus Has Fallen" will be not so serene and safe thing.

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