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Film Genre: Drama Adventure
Budget: $ 25 million
Country of Origin: United States, Brazil, Britain, France
Year of Release: 2012
Director: Walter Salles
Screenwriter: Jose Rivera, Jack Kerouac
Operator: Eric Gauthier
Somposer: Gustavo Santaolalla
Actors: Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, Dan Morgan, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss, Terrence Howard, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Steve Buscemi
IMDB: 6.1

After his father's death beginner New York writer Sal Paradise meets a young and charming Dean Moriarty, just released from prison and married to a seductive beauty Marilou. They instantly become inseparable friends. Striving for freedom, Sal, Dean and Marilou break with the conventions of life and go on a journey towards the world, and the people themselves. With help of this site you can download On the Road Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

A screen adaptation of the famous novel by Jack Kerouac, clearly illustrating the fact - Beat time has passed, it is time to hipsters. Young writer Sal (Riley) languishing in New York late 40's in the company of his friend Karl Marx (Sterridzh). One day he meets an attractive rake Dean Moriarty (Hedlund) and his underage wife (Stewart). Making use of the method akyns - what I see, and I sing about - Sal immersed in the world of travel, travel around the country, jazz concerts, and other drug trip "charm of vice." Using the experience gained, he wrote a book, which will eventually become one of the main manifestos lost generation. The film, shot by Walter Salles, autobiographical book of the same name went to Jack Kerouac. Under the narrator meant Kerouac himself, Dean Moriarty was named Neal Cassidy, and the figure of Karl Marx Allen Ginsberg hiding. Not without William Burroughs, derived in the novel by the nickname Old Lee Buffalo - embodied in his film Viggo Mortensen, whose image has become one of the few accurate hits in the top ten. With the rest of the things are more complicated. Bit-generation, leaving a number of important works of American literature, calls for a different attitude than in the picture Salles - too sterile to be true. Just look at the photos of Kerouac and Cassidy those years, to state the fact - the difference is obvious. In front of us, young men, and certainly not barely survived the teen age loafers like heroes "deceiver" Marcel Carne - software movie about young Parisian 50s. Can not be said about the vampire saga star Kristen Stewart played the role of Luanne Henderson - first wife of Neal Cassidy. Unlike her character from "Twilight" Stewart here looks much more active life and actually drags on itself lifeless film. The situation does not help even Kirsten Dunst as his second wife Cassidy, Carolyn. A curious fact. Carolyn memories formed the basis of a cute movie "heartbeat" (1980), where Kerouac and Cassidy played John Heard and Nick Nolte. In the same year came even more remarkable film "Where the Buffalo Roam" with the inimitable Bill Murray, is based on the works of Hunter S. Thompson. In this and in another case the spirit of the age was caught right. The recent "The Rum Diary", where once again acted Thompson in the next version of Johnny Depp, was visually vivid and nostalgic, but of a beautiful shell imperceptibly disappeared content. The point was missed. The same truth leak occurred and the film "On the Road." Apparently, too many years have passed since then, as in unison with a jazz rhythm pounded typewriters romantic fools who want to live, not to exist.

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