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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama Musical
Country of Origin: Germany, Italy
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Bernard Rose
Actors: David Garrett, Jared Harris, Andrea taek, Christian McKay, Joely Richardson, Veronica Ferres, Olivia d'Abo, Helmut Berger, Thomas Anton, Peter R. Bishop
IMDB: 6.1

Musical biopic. Name violinist Niccolò Paganini during his lifetime became a legend. The very same person Paganini, shrouded in an aura of mystique and mystery, has inevitably led to the emergence of a variety of rumors. Among them was the belief that he sold his soul to the devil to gain his talent. Fame and corrupts, and tormented musician, wine and opium brought only temporary solace, and more and more felt strange all-consuming void. While touring in London Paganini meets a girl with an angelic voice and pure soul, which seemed he was destined to meet. The film "Paganini: Fiddler of the Devil" became acting debut for violinist David Garrett. With PsiMovie.Com you can download Paganini: The Devils Violinist Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

Beautiful and stupid trash biopic of the legendary violinist, a funny, but not really funny. Little Paganini virtuoso performance demonstrates the father of his own. Father pounding him in the face. Young Paganini (David Garrett) is trying to interest the Italian public about the same, but it does not want to listen. The next morning the hotel to the hapless Labuch is the devil himself in the image of lord Urbani (Jared Harris), and explains that the success of a little talent, skill and innovation. Public all need to chew and competently teach. Urbani ready to become a personal tutor of the young genius and ensures a complete success, one condition: the soul after death. "Yes, no question, of course," - Niccolo answers. After a month he earns millions in opera houses in Italy and France, squander money in the casino, thumps, take drugs and fuck everything that moves. Meanwhile, the London impresario Watson (Christian McKay), found out about the Italian miracle violinist, he decides to make a tour in London. However, Niccolo squander all the money that Watson sends him on the road, and does not go, and in the unfortunate Englishman for the debts describe the property. Finally Paganini is in London with his personal touch, put an eye on a young daughter Charlotte Watson (Andrea DEC), selects violin accompanist and fucks in a carriage Times journalist Ethel Lendhem (Joely Richardson). But soon the love for rebellious Charlotte change everything. According to the first frame you would think that this is quite a serious historical film: beautifully painted landscapes and city streets, excellent work dressers and popular modern violin virtuoso David Garrett starring closeup showing his brilliant technique. However, since the first sex scenes can smell a rat when the actress shows not only your tan and ass, but a trace of strings, which in the XVIII century has not yet been invented. More - more. "You're going to become the ruler of the empire greater than that of Napoleon," - says the unrecognized genius of the devil, but Paganini enjoyed success even before Napoleon became emperor. However, this reproach story, except that the decent jokes for the London tabloids last century, probably superfluous. Paganini violin in hand takes infrequently, and then only once to play it in the cards. But then why is the film had started for demonstrating skills Garrett play an instrument? As a dramatic actor, he is a complete zero, and look at his attempts would be awkward if not downright treshovy story, sometimes resembling eyeballs German porn. Saves the picture is that sometimes it's fun, especially when in London musician begin to attack the religious feminist movement Femen sort and Orthodox Standard-Bearers in one bottle. And the rest of the professional work of the ensemble cast are very good - however, there is a feeling that they could hardly stop laughing.

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