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Film Genre: Drama Melodrama
Budget: $ 40 million
Country of Origin: United States
Year of Release: 2000
Director: Mimi Leder
Screenwriter: Catherine Ryan Hyde, Leslie Dixon
Operator: Oliver Stapleton
Somposer: Thomas Newman
Actors: Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment, Jay Mohr, James Caviezel, Jon Bon Jovi, Angie Dickinson, David Ramsey, Gary Verntts, Colleen Flynn
IMDB: 7.1

In the center of the film - the seventh grade student of Trevor McKinney, who lives with his mother, torn between two works and drinking for the rest of their free time. Trevor tries to help her get closer to her mother, but every such attempt only leads to new conflicts. With the new school year in the classroom where learning Trevor, comes a new social studies teacher Eugene Simonet. At the first lesson, he says, encouraging words of man's place in the world and gives the task: to find a way to change the world and try to realize his idea. Pupils readily respond. Among other sound idea to place on the Internet website in Chinese with a proposal to all Chinese at the same time to jump to shift the earth's axis. A fundamentally different approach to the task at Trevor. His idea is reduced to the generous support of the three strangers, each of which, in turn, will also help three strangers ... Here you can download Pay It Forward Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

11-year-old boy is changing the world, on the fingers of the audience explaining how important it is to help each other. Schoolboy Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) is living with an unhappy mother, kills two jobs and gradually slipping into alcoholism (Helen Hunt). Family relationships do not add up. Boy comes to the aid of the new social studies teacher (Kevin Spacey): children are given the task to make a plan to change the world. Some inquisitive minds offer via the Internet at the same time convince all Chinese jump to shift the earth's axis. Trevor's plan is more realistic: unselfishly help three strangers and invite them to do the same. Boy starts with its environment - a homeless drug addict, unhappy mother, of June-classmate, regularly beat bullies. First, experience shows that change the lives of others is not as easy as we Trevor, but altruistic chain starts to work ... film with a simple and positive morality could be recommended for viewing to children if the director, for some strange Hollywood law killed at the end of the main character - perhaps to track left them on the face of humanity, was deeper. Kevin Spacey likes to act in films. Absurd, hypocritical optimistic story negates all the positive things in the film (acting, for example). The tape is loosely based on the eponymous novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

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