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Film Genre: Drama Action Military Historical
Budget: $ 6,000,000
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 1986
Director: Oliver Stone
Actors: Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Keith David, Forest Whitaker, Francesco Quinn, Kevin Dillon, John C. McGinley, Reggie Johnson, Mark Moses, Richard Edson
IMDB: 8.2

Private Chris Taylor (Sheen) arrives at the border of Vietnam and Cambodia in the autumn of 1967. He is young, educated, from obespepechennoy family, but desperately wants to understand the truth: hell on earth to see with their own eyes. This ad was not painted in the imagination of the creators, and there really is. In its territory met in battle two sergeants. They both thought that they would fight with Asian guerrillas, but then it turned out that have to fight with each other ... rookie Chris worldview changed during the war. Director and screenwriter Oliver Stone personally fought in Vietnam in 1967. This film - his honest confession. Here you can download Platoon Full Free HD Movie.

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Critic's response:

War through the eyes of Oliver Stone, who personally served in Vietnam and was wounded twice. Best movie about the war. And cameo novice Johnny Depp. The film "Platoon" filmed back in 1986 already. For 25 years we have seen so many movies about the war in general and Vietnam in particular about that, it seems surprising and interesting things can not be removed. The plot of "Platoon", in general, is quite simple: rookie Chris Taylor is brought to Vietnam, where at first he risked being shot down if you do not, then eaten by ants, but closer to the end of the film matures and selflessly fought for their country. That is, if, in general, on the surface. However, all the movies about the war are interesting not reliable account of the events and the characters, their images. "Platoon" is not enough that biographical (Oliver Stone, the director, he fought in Vietnam and was twice wounded), he is also symbolic. A key scene in the film - a massacre of Vietnamese villages. Platoon, which was previously a single whole, split into two camps - for Barnes and Elaisa. Those who turn into insensitive and ruthless animals, and those who are not willing to sacrifice moral principles. Sergeant Barnes (Tom Bérengère) - a real killing machine. He has no conscience, no doubt, no feelings. He crippled by the war, but still go to the end and kill anyone who gets in his way. Its antipode - Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe). It is called the "crusader"; though he understands that Americans can not win this war continues until the last moment to appreciate the people, they are for him the most important thing. Sergeant Elias - a symbol of humanity. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) at the end of the film calls himself a child of two fathers; He is torn between two fires, where Elias - a respect for people, and Barnes - is confidence in the business. The US Defense Department has refused to take part in financing the film, considering "Platoon" unpatriotic. But maybe that's what it says about honesty? In the mid-80s, when the well-worn theme by Vietnamese fighters and blockbusters, the autobiographical story of a simple ordinary soldier faces about the same as it was a revelation to the public. In addition, Chris Taylor is not just a soldier, whom millions, and volunteer, dropped out of college; he is "wealthy" who is dissatisfied with social inequality. "Platoon" tells the story of a choice between cruelty and humanism and the war with oneself. Someone must win.

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