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Download [REC] ³ Génesis torrent

Two radically different films from Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró

Download [REC] ³ Génesis full movie

Film Genre: Horror
Country of Origin: Spain
Year of Release: 2011
Director: Paco Plaza
Screenwriter: Paco Plaza, Luis Berdeyo David Gallarta
Operator: Pablo Rosso
Actors: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin, Ismael Martinez, Alex Monner, Borj Gles. Santaolayya, Emilio Mencheta, David Ramirez, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Ramon Aguirre, Xavi Ruano
IMDB: 5.1

Zombie horror about the bride and groom. Such a significant event, like a wedding turns into a living hell, and the characters are forced not to rejoice and celebrate, but to save his life at the very moment when the event is something horrible - the guests begin to devour each other, passing the infection, if the rabies virus, when bite. "Reports from the wedding" - the third film in the "reportage" series, which also includes "Report" and "Report from the underworld." With help of this site you can download [REC] ³ Génesis Free Full Movie in HD.

Stills from the [REC] ³ Génesis:

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