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A story of sex, thugs and rock 'n roll.

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Film Genre: Thriller Action Crime
Budget: $ 18 000 000
Country of Origin: United States, United Kingdom
Year of Release: 2008
Director: Guy Ritchie
Operator: David Higgs
Somposer: Steve Isles
Actors: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Idris Elba, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Tom Hardy, Karel Roden, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris, Jamie Campbell Bower
IMDB: 7.3

Members of the London band "Wild gang" are in an embarrassing situation because of the real estate scam: they have two million pounds crime boss Lenny Cole. Lenny himself a deal with Russian oligarch to build a stadium. A bookkeeper oligarch pretty Stella, employs one of the members of the gang, nicknamed once or twice that he robbed her master. In this world of corruption and crime everyone wants to get rich at the expense of another. Even the small fry is ready to turn their business. With help of this site you can download RocknRolla Free Full Movie in HD.

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Critic's response:

There is such a thing in nature - movies of Guy Ritchie. Guy films, in fact, a little bit, but those that fit this definition, and did two. All captured after the "eat more" turned out either too abstruse as "Revolver" or Madonna. The audience did not appreciate these delights, and here you are, now can fully enjoy the "RocknRolla" - yet another incarnation of the corporate movie Guy Ritchie gangster of London. In place of a huge diamond, rare weapons and marijuana plantations came all the property of the British capital, which controls the operation Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson), a middle-aged man in an expensive suit and sunglasses. Substituting a gang of petty criminals, led by One-Two (Gerard Butler, he's shaved Spartan King Leonidas) so that they owed him a large sum, Lenny breeds Russian billionaire Yuri Omovicha (Kerel Roden) to seven million euros. Billionaire divorces and in addition lends Lenny their favorite picture. While once or twice and the company on a tip Buhgaltersha (Thandie Newton), double steal these same seven million, Lenny's stepson, indomitable RocknRolla Johnny Pound (Toby Kebbell) takes the picture. To settle all cases and ensure that justice be compassionate bandit Archie (Mark Strong). First impression - quite dull. Another "Snatch," in which a tantalizing brilliant shine replaced not too impressive concrete structures. Lenny instead of bricks, crayfish instead of pigs, unchanging tea, lacking only Stethema. Looking closer, however, and you understand a little flicker of characters, you realize that, although Butler and outdo his Leonid, but Mark Strong gives a good mixture Statham, the young De Niro and himself from the "Body of Lies." All filmed like a good Guy Ritchie, and three scenes - 20 seconds robbery, 5 seconds of sex and jogging through the tunnel - all great. Clearly, all of this has been, and emotions as the first time will not wait. And if you just want to repeat - there you are still serving. Translation Goblin, however, probably would be back that will sound at the box office. But maybe there is also not miss the "street, moaning in pain" and "trump wheel Pope."

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