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Babes, nosser og muskler i 3D for hele familien (Babes, balls and muscles in 3D for the whole family)

Download Ronal Barbaren 720p movie

Film Genre: Anime Adventure Fantasy
Budget: $ 3,195,000
Country of Origin: Denmark
Year of Release: 2011
Somposer: Niklas Schmidt
Actors: Anders Yuille, Hadi Ka-Kush, Lerke Winther Andersen, Brian Lucca, Lars Mikkelsen, Peter Aude, Lars Bom, Ole Testrup, Preben Christensen, Ole Ernst
IMDB: 6.7

Ron - the most unusual barbarian in the world. He is not interested any battle or conquest, or feasts. More than anything, he wants everything just left him alone. But the destiny disposes otherwise. One day the evil Prince Volkazar, the leader of a hostile tribe, captures all the barbarians prisoner to sacrifice them to the ancient gods and gain power over the world. At large can only Ron. And now he, along with disorderly bard Aliberom, muscular warrior-maiden Zandra and elf-metrosexuals Elric must pass many tests to liberate his people to have faith in yourself and ... find love. "Ronal the Barbarian" - a parody of the traditional fantasy stories in the first place - the saga of Conan the Barbarian,. Here you can download Ronal Barbaren in HD free full Movie.

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